2nd Annual Duncan Ride – Sept 21st

by Duncan Rhodes

Interested in a challenging ride? Keep September 21st free!

We will meet at 6:00 am at the Red Barn Grocery parking lot, 357 Van Buren Street at W. 4th Avenue, where we have the ride signup. We will have coffee available for those who need a caffeine fix. We can’t park at Red Barn. If you drive in, please find legal parking elsewhere. The lot north of the Brun’s 6th Avenue Apple Market is available.

On 9/21/13 the Whiteaker Community Council will host The 2nd Annual Duncan Ride, a 116-mile ride into the O&C lands, with 8782 feet of climbing. Starting in the Whiteaker, we will go out into the virtually car-free O&C lands for some beautiful scenery along the Smith and Siuslaw rivers. Here is the route (subject to change due to road work): http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3072063

This ride will be free, with free water, snacks, & ice cream for the first 50 people who sign up in advance. Here is the link to sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aovg8vDy-x2TdGZFUVV0Vm1RTDVmdzd5TTI0bFRYMUE#gid=0 You will be covered by the standard LAB insur-ance (Certificate # 1001094404) after you sign in at the ride start. Helmets are suggested but not required for this ride.

I will drive sweep in my car. For more info please email info@whiteakercommunitycouncil.org or call Duncan at 541-525-5777. It’s time to add some hills to your training rides.

Whiteaker Resident Requests to Install First Residential Bike Corral

The North Polk On-Street Bike Corral Demonstration

Local bike advocate, Whiteaker Neighborhood Council member, and car-free father of four, Paul Adkins has submitted a proposal to the City of Eugene to install the first non-business related bike corral in Eugene. This may even be the first residential on-street bike corral in the nation. Many cities around the country are installing bike corrals in business districts including Portland, San Francisco, New York, and Boulder and as many readers know, the City of Eugene has plans to install three bike corrals this summer. Portland has even done a bike corral in a neighborhood, however that corral was done in the “planter strip” between the sidewalk and the roadway.  This corral would actually replace a car parking space with bike parking for about 10 bikes.

The neighborhood bike corral would create a community amenity and utilize public space for a different type of parking than traditionally provided and one that matches the neighborhood usage. As Paul states in his application, “in a residential area where there is more bicycle traffic than car traffic, public bicycle parking is not offered. In this case, local residents simply prefer bicycles in the parking strip rather than autos in order to welcome people that are turning more to bicycles for transportation.” Continue reading “Whiteaker Resident Requests to Install First Residential Bike Corral”

Whiteaker Active Transportation Corridor Open House and Sept. InMotion Repost

There is exciting work afoot in the Whiteaker neighborhood.  On Wednesday, residents and other people who ride through the area will have an opportunity to give the City of Eugene input on how to make the streets more friendly towards active transport.  Below is the postcard that has been sent out to residents, combined with a map that I added to show the mentioned streets:

Click to Embiggen

This meeting, as well as many other things such as the Delta Highway Ped and Bike Bridge Dedication, Adaptive Recreation Services bike riding, construction updates, a pirate-themed Kidical Mass,  and a great list of upcoming events are all featured in this month’s InMotion Newsletter.  Lovingly put out by the City of Eugene, this wonderful newsletter should not be missed, and I urge you to the jump to where I have it reposted in full and give it a read.

Continue reading “Whiteaker Active Transportation Corridor Open House and Sept. InMotion Repost”