Snow Day Open Thread!

It seems that we got quite a bit more snow then our friends up in Portland, which should make for some fun biking today.  Since 4J is closed I don’t have to leave the house until 3pm today, which gives me a chance to share some information with you about the City of Eugene’s policies around snow and ice, and gives you a chance to share with the world what the conditions are like on your commute and to share pictures (we need some for this story).

I can tell you that Fox Hollow is completely iced over, which will make descending it interesting when I leave to go to a meeting this afternoon.  I grew up biking in the snow in Iowa, but I never had to ride down a huge hill.  Also, there are seven turkeys and a squirrel currently eating my front yard – not relevant, but still cool.  What are the conditions like where you are? (Update: A truck sanded and de-iced Fox Hollow around 11am while I was writing this story.  The road is now fine for riding.)

Take the jump to share information, and read about the City of Eugene’ suspended leaf delivery and sanding.

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