(singing) Oh IIII Love a Parade!

In case you haven’t heard, there is a sweet parade going on this Saturday to celebrate the Ducks’ historic season.  Local cyclists have created an entry in the parade called “Eugene’s Bicycling Champions” to celebrate Eugene’s recent Gold rating by the League of American Bicyclists, and to showcase our march towards Platinum.  There are also supposed to be tons of kids on bikes.  Y’all are invited to join!  I’ll sure be there, but probably riding a unicycle and throwing and catching stuff.

After the jump there are details on where to go when and what-whoozit. But first, I’ve been told to put my own “flair” on this post.  Generally, that’s a dangerous thing to ask me to do – but since it’s late, and after a day of work and class, I’ll only punish y’all with a little flair:

Watch this entire video about elephants on parade or you hate fun.  Then take the jump and read the details.

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Responses to Oregon House Bill Which Would Prohibit Biking with a Child Under Six

One of my favorite pictures from EugeneBicyclist.com - this 20-month-old seems perfectly safe to me.

I hesitate to post another story so soon after Shane posted such an important story about upcoming construction, but this story has blown up all over the interpipes tonight – and it should.   Mitch Greenlick, a Portland Democrat who represents District 33 (Northwest Portland/Forest Park), has decided that it’s in the public’s best interest to ban people from bicycling with children under 6 on their bikes or in a bike trailer.  This story first broke on BikePortland.org, and then was followed by a BikePortland.org interview with Greenlick in which  it became clear that Greenlick  has no actual evidence that this bill is needed.  Quoted from BP:  “When asked if it might be wiser to find such evidence and then introduce a bill, he said, ‘Because this is just how the process works.'”

Predictably, the interwebs are alive with response.  I feel that BikePortland has covered the gist of the story well, so for our story I’ll report on the response.  EugeneBicyclist.com, who rides regularly with a 2 and 4-year-old wrote on his blog: “Is carrying a kid around on a bike any more unsafe than embarking on a journey up I-5 in the car with junior strapped in the back seat? Why don’t we just make it illegal to drive any kids younger than 6 in the car, too? Why don’t we just make it illegal for them to leave the house while we are at it?”

WBE Contributor, Kidical Mass Founder, and Eugene Safe Routes to School Coordinator Shane MacRhodes had a lot to say about it on the EugeneSRTS blog.  He’s already written a response to Greenlick which you can read after the jump.

After the jump is also the full response (and pictures!) sent to Greenlick by Hugh Prichard, one of the presenters in the recent Transportation Remix.

You can write Greenlick yourself (rep.mitchgreenlick@state.or.us) and your local representatives and tell them how you feel.  Please remember to keep the letters civil.  The hateful response of cyclists two years ago to the mandatory bike registration bill is partially credited for the failure of the Idaho Stop Law that same year.

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Via SRTS: Pumpkin Kidical Mass Pictures!

This is just so awesome I had to re-post it here. Via Eugene Safe Route to School:

Had a great Kidical Mass ride on Saturday! A good sized group met at RiverPlay and even picked up a family who was just playing at the park and thought the ride sounded fun. We rode through Washington/Jefferson Park, the Whiteaker neighborhood and to the Corner Market (who opened special for us) where we picked out and carved some jack-o-lanterns. More than 35 kids and adults, lot’s of smiles, and some fun pumpkin carving. A great fall day!

Take the jump for a little more about the ride!

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Eugene Area Advocacy Primer Part II: Safe Routes to School


Those of us living and riding in the Eugene/Springfield area have a wonderful problem on our hands.  There are so many advocacy organizations in our area working to improve our lives that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all.  It can be difficult to see how these organizations fit and work together, and which is responsible for what.   Well, luckily for you gentlefolk, WeBikeEugene has come to the rescue!  Last spring we circulated a questionnaire to as many of the local advocacy groups we could, and most of them answered back.  From this we have created the Eugene Area Advocacy Primer.

The primer is a multi-part series which will run more-or-less weekly whenever we can throughout the rest of summer, and cover organizations such as GEARs, The BikeLane Coalition, The UO Bike Program, Safe Routes to School, The BTA, and point2point Solutions! If you’d like us to cover an organization that is not listed here, let us know!

Part II of this series covers The Eugene Safe Routes to School Program.  The Eugene program is managed by the very busy Shane MacRhodes, who also sits on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), is a GEARs board member, WBE contributor, and driving force behind Kidical Mass – for starters.

Take the jump so see all that Safe Routes to School does for cyclists in Eugene, children and adult commuters alike.

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Via SRTS: Walk + Bike Challenge Month Begins

Eugene Safe Routes to School

The following post first appeared on the  Eugene Safe Routes to School blog and is reposted in full here, courtesy of Shane Rhodes.

WalknBike logo

May is Walk + Bike Challenge Month and throughout Oregon 135 elementary and middle schools and 19 high schools and colleges are registered for the event  which is in its 3rd year.  This is the first year that Eugene/Springfield schools are joining in the competition and there are 12 elementary and middle schools registered: Cal Young, Camas Ridge, César Chávez, Edgewood, Family School/ATA, Homesource, McCornack, Network Charter, Path Finder Program, Ridgeview, River Road, Roosevelt, Thurston Elementary, and Yujin Gakuen.

There are some exciting things happening throughout May (and into June) as part of the Challenge. Here are some of the highlights:

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City of Eugene Recieves $37,302 Grant to Fund Silly Routes to School Programs

Shane should probably have expected this

The City of Eugene has just been awarded a $37,302 grant to fund Eugene Silly Routes to School (SRTS) programs from the national Silly Routes to School organization in association with the Constantly Lauded Organization of Weird Nitwits (CLOWN) fund.

The grant, in conjunction with the recently acquired $73 Eugene SassyTrips grant and practically guaranteed funding from the non-competitive Oregon Department of Transmutation (ODOT) Pedestrian and Bicycle to Clown Conversion Grant Program, will provide for several significant improvements to the Eugene transportation infrastructure.

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SRTS Updates 4J School District on Progress (audio and video)

On Wednesday, March 3rd, Shane Rhodes and Lisa VanWinkle updated the 4J School Board about Safe Routes to School (SRTS) projects within the district, future plans, and projected grant spending.  WeBikeEugene was able to obtain the audio from the school board meeting, and Rhodes (a WeBikeEugene contributor) was kind enough re-create his presentation as narrated video for your viewing pleasure.

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SRTS Newsletter: Bike Summit, Classes, Kidical Mass, and More!

The Eugene Safe Routes to School (SRTS) newsletter is a wonderful source of information about bicycle happenings in Eugene.  February’s newsletter (re-posted here a tad late),  covers the Walking and Biking Summit, the $495,ooo SRTS grant, cycling classes, Kidical Mass, Walk + Bike Challenge Month, Act Out Loud, and upcoming speakers and webinars.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here, and view/download it below:

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WeBikeEugene.org Official Launch

Welcome to WeBikeEugene.org!

This post  marks the official launch of WeBikeEugene.  We have been posting for a few weeks now, and it’s time to spread the word about the site.

WeBikeEugene has a simple mission statement.  We exist to spread news of cycling to cyclists and others in the Eugene/Springfield area.  We plan to cover advocacy, road riding, commuting, infrastructure projects, off-road projects, recreational riding, road and off-road racing, cycling community events, and anything else having to do with cycling in Eugene, Springfield, and the surrounding area.

Some describe us as Eugene’s version of BikePortland.org. We consider this comparison a great compliment, and hope to be as thorough one day as they are.  However, we have no current plans to expand our coverage beyond the Eugene/Springfield area, nor do we have the resources to update as often.

You can see a little bit of who we are about by browsing our previous topics.  We are not fully operational as of yet, and are still in the process of bringing more contributors on staff.  As we acquire more writers our coverage of events, especially in the racing and off-road scenes, will expand.

We welcome any suggestions for articles, news tips, and submitted articles.  You can contact us here. None of us run this site full-time, and we welcome any help and suggestions from our readers.

As well as doing our own reporting, we will also be aggregating other Eugene/Springfield area news sources, including GEARS news, Safe Routes to School news, the City of Eugene’s InMotion Newsletter, and other sources.  Our goal is not to compete with these already wonderful news sources, but instead to make them more accessible to the general public.

Many people have put a lot of effort into making this site a reality, but it will only be useful if people spread the word.  A cycling community educated about current cycling events will progress faster than one that is left in dark.  You can help by reading, spreading the word, suggesting article ideas, or even contributing.

And, of course, the most important thing is to get out and ride!

In the News: Safe Routes to School and Bike Crashes

We bring to you attention today two news articles that have been making the rounds in Eugene.  “Grant to Fund a safer walk” via the Register-Guard and the unfortunately headlined “Bike Crashes Injure Hundreds” via the Eugene Weekly.

Read on for summary and commentary.

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