We’re Alive!

LiveMove Bike Counter Fundraiser

We’re not dead, we’re just resting under a pile of leaves.
Sure it’s a bit wet and slippery out there, so what get out and ride. Here’s a good opportunity to ride AND support LiveMove’s fundraiser at Oakshire tomorrow:

Hi BikeInShapers,

Ever wonder what a parakeet dressed as pug looks like? Or for that matter, how a pug dressed in parakeet suit for Halloween appears? Well, the answer is probably not in this shape. ūüôā

On Wednesday, let’s support LiveMove’s Oakshire Fundraiser to get a bike counter installed on 13th & Kincaid. It’s a pricey ambition, so why not throw down a couple pints to move the needle:


We’ll meet at Oakshire at 7pm, this Wednesday Oct. 29th and ride in the shape of the Pugakeet!

See you there or…trick instead of treat!



Cycling for Veterans

In Honor of Memorial Day:
Cycling for Veterans rides every Tuesday at 5:30 pm from Maurie Jacobs Park¬†(through Sept. 10th this year). They ride anywhere from 6 miles to 15 miles on the bike paths around the river. The Cycling for Veterans group is open to any veteran, disabled or otherwise and is open to all skill levels. ¬†Disabled veterans can ¬†contact¬†the City of Eugene’s Adaptive Cycles¬†for¬†help¬†to get¬†fitted¬†to¬†an¬†adaptive bike¬†and/or to rent an adaptive bike. For more info contact¬†patty.l.prather@ci.eugene.or.us¬†Or call 541.682.6365.