Welcome Back Rides for Students

LiveMove LogoThousands of students are returning to town for the start of the University of Oregon school year. The student transportation and livability group LiveMove is sponsoring a “Bike Orientation” tour of Eugene for all the newbies in town. They’ll share the best ways to get around to different neighborhoods from campus, how to prepare for Oregon rain on a bike, the best bike routes to take, and some often unknown recreation paths! The rides will last about an hour, and if you don’t have a bike, the UO Bike Program will rent you one at a discounted rate!

The tours will be Tuesday October 8th and 15th at 3:30 PM, and Thursday, October 10th and 17th at 5:00 PM. Each ride can accommodate up to 10 riders. If interested, email Nick Meltzer to sign up! More details will follow once sign up has been completed.

Welcome to Eugene students and good luck with the first week of class!


Kidical Mass Fancy Pants/Tweed Ride

Dress up in your “Saturday Best” and go for a ride! Who says biking has to be about spandex and funny shoes?! Dress up and have some fun! Put on your fancy clothes and go for a bike ride, cause, why not?!

Join us this Saturday (March 16th) 11am at Monroe Park.

We’ll be ending up at Noisette Bakery for a fancy treat at the end.

photo via BikePortland

Here’s more information about upcoming family friendly rides too. If you’d like to get our monthly reminder email that gives all the details of the rides you can subscribe here.

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Next Week’s LiveMove Speaker Series: Gabe Klein

via Cortney Mild, LiveMove Speaker Series Coordinator:

Please join the Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) in welcoming our 2011 Expert in Residence, Gabe Klein!

Transportation expert Gabe Klein will be visiting Oregon from April 6 – 8.  As former Director of Washington DC’s Department of Transportation, Co-Founder of On-the-Fly, and former Regional VP of ZipCar, Klein is here to engage with students, faculty, and local agencies about his innovative work on transportation-related issues.

On Wednesday, April 6th Gabe Klein will be presenting a public lecture about the future of urban transportation and quality of life in America.  85% of US citizens live in urban metropolitan areas, and people are rapidly moving back to the urban cores.  What were once suburbs are now looking more like small cities or urban villages themselves. Given the inevitable demographic and geographic population shifts over the next 30 years, what is transportation going to look like in 2020? 2030?  How will we manage the change?  Klein will talk about macro and micro policy and market trends, such as access vs. ownership, the commoditization of transportation, land use, bicycle/pedestrian shifts, and technology affecting consumer choice.

You are invited to participate in all of the following activities with Gabe Klein on Wednesday, April 6th:

Bike Tour of Eugene:
8:30am – 10am  (we’re leaving at 8:30, so please arrive a few minutes early!)
Meet at the Outdoor Program Barn, 18th and University (access off of 18th)

Public Lecture on the Future of Transportation:
5:30pm Social Hour, 6:30pm Lecture
Oregon Electric Station, 27 E. 5th Avenue, Eugene

For more information visit http://sci.uoregon.edu/klein