Cars vs Bikes? Not Here…

I’d like to repost a recent Register-Guard letter to the editor that made me smile.  It’s all to easy to focus on conflict and differences, but Karen Lally’s letter illustrates well that we are all in this together.

Small kindness has big effect

I was biking hard to work recently when I noticed a driver had stopped ahead in the lane of traffic for no apparent reason. I wondered why, until I pulled abreast of the car and the man said, “You lost a glove in the intersection back there.”

I thought about how disappointed I’d have been to find it missing later in the day. A glove is a far too critical and expensive piece of winter riding gear to leave behind for inconvenience. Very grateful, I thanked him, dismounted and turned to recover it.

No need. The next car to approach me had an arm extended out the passenger side window, and it was waving a glove. Instead of handing it off as one would a baton in a relay, the car pulled over and the lady said, “This is your lucky day.”

She spoke the truth. I could hardly believe that not one but at least three people cared enough to help me.

Never underestimate the value of a small kindness. It’s the thing that moves us forward as humans, speaks to compassion and understanding and restores hope on a dark, rainy day.

Karen Lally