Eugene Installs Meter Rings, With an Added Twist…

Wha? Outside Voodoo Doughnuts

Today (tonight, really), we are going to be talking about the downtown meter rings currently being installed to replace bike parking lost back in October when the the parking meter heads were removed from the new downtown free car parking zone.  This has previously been covered by WeBikeEugene here and here.

I’ve re-written this story a few times already, mostly due to new information making the original versions inaccurate.  Another thing that you should know is that it currently is 11pm,  I’m drinking beer (not enough), listening to circus music on Pandora,  and am very tired. These things should combine for an interesting story – I hope.  If not – meh – you’re reading a blog run by a clown.

Before you go on, you might also be interested in knowing that my delay in this story has caused me to get scooped by EugeneBicyclist, KEZIThe Eugene Weekly, and the Register-Guard, but thankfully I have a lot of new information to add to the discussion.

Prior to this week I (like almost everyone else involved), was operating on a few assumptions about the meter rings: 1) There wouldn’t be enough meter rings to cover all the blank poles and 2) As a result only meter poles without heads would receive meter rings.  Then about a week ago I was eating some late-night Voodoo Doughnuts with the wife and I noticed a meter ring installed on the parking meter out front– a parking meter that still had its head.  This made no sense to me. I did a quick survey of the area and found that many poles were still empty, some had no head and a ring, and several pole had rings AND heads.  Operating under the assumption that we didn’t have enough rings for the empty poles as it was, I became very confused. What was going on? Had the city gone crazy? Why were they wasting rings on poles that still had their heads?

It turns out that they weren’t…

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