Bicycle Commuter Trends in the US- Graphic Representation

A University of Oregon student has released a great graphic depiction of America’s bicycle mode share, government spending on bike/ped infrastructure, and bicycle-related fatalities. Kory Northrop created the map, graphs, and text for an advanced cartography class and it gives a nice visual representation of various bike numbers. Besides being relevant to Eugene because it was created by a UO student, it also helps to show that the more we invest in bicycle infrastructure, the more likely it is that we will actually get our ridership up as well as our fatalities down– an important thing to consider as we move forward with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. Here are the graphs and map followed by the text and sources. Thanks to Kory for sharing.

Bicycle Commuting Trends in the United States

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After multiple decades of auto-centric funding and policies, the American transportation system and built environment has become difficult to navigate by methods other than the automobile. This reality is highlighted by the fact that half of the trips in the United States could be traveled in 20 minutes or less via bicycle and a quarter of the trips could be walked in 20 minutes or less. However, the majority of these trips are made in automobiles.

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