Bike lanes are for…?

I may not have time for well researched articles like I did a few years ago, but I do seem to have time to make videos!  Here is a compilation of bike lane blockers from a winter of commuting.

Safety Hazard: Fox Hollow @ 46th (Updated)

Update:  It’s now been replaced by an asphalt hump.  Take the jump for more

This isn’t a great week for people on bikes as far as construction is concerned.  First, people on bikes were directed head-on into cars by construction on Pearl and 5th;  now construction has place a huge, slick, unmarked metal plate (with a hole in the middle) in the high-speed downhill bike lane on Fox Hollow Rd just downhill of 46th St.

The unmarked steel plate in the downhill bike lane

I can only assume this is temporary and only during off-hours since there were flaggers in that spot this morning.   I hope flaggers will be there by the time the morning commute starts tomorrow so people on bike don’t hit the plate. In the meantime, people riding down Fox Hollow need to be very careful.

The slick plate is surrounded by 1-2 inch deep loose black asphalt/gravel.  A cyclist going typical speed down that hill (25-30mph) will first cut through that gravel, then their wheel will hit the metal plate lip, and if they survive that they’ll find themselves on a gravely slick metal plate with a hole in the middle.  I know because I tested it as slow speed, and hitting the plate was like hitting small curb.

As of 5pm this plate is now invisible due to darkness and unmarked (except by a construction sign that I moved near it myself, but it’s unlit and mostly invisible, and doesn’t indicate the presence of a plate.)

People are usually warned of steel plates in the road.

I’m more that a little frustrated, because everywhere else in Eugene when I’ve seen metal plates in the road signs have been used to warn people in cars of their presence.  People on bikes are far more at risk from these plates then people in cars, so I don’t understand why a plate in the bike lane wasn’t accompanied with a warning sign and flashing light.  I know it was most likely just a mistake/oversight, but this could really hurt someone.

I already reported it to the City Maintenance Line as well as to City Planner David Roth, who has already saved us from one construction snafu this week when he directed city workers to remove the bike lane marking that led bikes directly into oncoming cars at Pearl.

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