Group of men harrass and assault cyclists on the Fern Ridge Path, police need your help [updated]

Did you experience these people?  The police need your help!

A group of 3-4 males estimated by me to be 18-21 years old were harassing cyclists on the Fern Ridge Bike Path this morning.  I experienced them under the Oak Patch Acorn Park underpass.  They blocked my path, body checked me as I passed (lightly), and screamed at me.  They did a similar maneuver to one of my 16-year-old students a little to the west of Oak Patch about 10 minutes later.  These incidents happened at 8:30 and around 8:40 am, respectively.

I called the police after my student reported his incident to me, and they said that they’ve received numerous complaints, but cannot find the group of men.  They said that someone has already been assaulted and injured by this group, and they are looking for all possible witnesses.

One of the men was wearing a long, baggy white shirt, had short blond hair, and looked large.  I was focused on him since he was blocking my path, but I think the other two were wearing dark clothes, and my student reported one wearing a hoody.  I’m 90% sure all three (maybe four) were white.

(I was pretty tunnel-visioned on the guy blocking my path.)

If you saw or experienced these people, please call the police.

The Eugene Police Department is still trying to find these men, but no more attacks have been reported since this morning.  According to EPD there were two separate victims of assault, both male.  One of them walked home “bleeding from facial injuries” and the status of the other was not reported, which leads me to believe that his injuries were less severe.

Update #2:

The assailants were followed by cyclists to the Dairy Mart on West 11th where they were ticketed by police for “menacing.”  They can’t really do more unless the victim with the facial injuries contacts police, since he has not been located.

From EPD:

The police who responded took information about those involved, victims and suspects/persons of interest, however, they were unable to locate the victim who left and who seemed to have injuries from an assault. We’d be very interested in hearing from this person.