East Bank Path Closure

From the City of Eugene:

The East Bank Path will be closed overnight (between 7PM-7AM) under the Beltline Hwy overpass from October 14 – 21. During the day (7AM-7PM) passage will be controlled by a flagger and escort. The closure is necessary to install a new 36″ water main that runs beneath the path. For more information call EWEB at 541-685-7464


EWEB East Bank Path

Alder Street Work Begins

As we first reported back in March of last year the City is rebuilding a new and improved Alder street between 18th & Broadway. Initial work is starting now with EWEB doing it’s pre-construction maintenance work on site starting this week (see update below). This is going to be a busy summer of construction so be prepared for many detours, construction zones, and closures.  A BPAC subcommittee is working on construction zone signage and detour improvements so if you see any dangerous situations for cyclists (like poor sign placements or unsigned closures) send us a photo (after you call it into the City at 541-682-4800) and we’ll pass it on for use in that work.

EWEB Notice:

On Tuesday morning , May 17th EWEB will begin work at the north end of Alder Street. Alder Street will be closed  from Franklin Blvd to 11th Street from Tuesday, May 17th at 7:00am until Wednesday, May 18th 5:00pm. Work will then continue south between 11th and 13th Street but the traffic lane will remain open. Bike lanes and parking will be closed.

The purpose for this road and bike disruption is for EWEB to perform work for the upcoming City of Eugene Road Reconstruction Project . EWEB is beginning to replace water service lines, relocate fire hydrants and adjust utility vaults on Alder Street from Franklin Blvd. to E. 18th Ave.

We regret any inconvenience this disruption  may cause you. Please forward to any staff or students  who may be affected by this disruption. EWEB has notified businesses adjacent to the project. If you have any questions, please contact

Steve Ewing, Eugene Water & Electric Board

Alder Street Improvements Coming Soon

South Bank Path Closed for the Day (now open)

**Update: Path is open. EWEB apologized for the inconvenience and is working to improve outreach**

EWEB has had a change in their construction crew scheduling and has bumped up the timing for a project impacting the riverfront bike path.  The path will be closed TODAY from EWEB Plaza to the access at Hilyard (the whole EWEB property). There is signage posted at both ends of the detours to alert people. They say they expect the path to be open by 4:30 p.m.

It’s too bad better notice wasn’t give about a major path closure. Apparently this was sent to one city staff person on Friday but they were out until today. It doesn’t seem that hard to reach out to the bike community between the GEARs list, the various bike blogs, and BPAC. I doubt they would close a major road down without a bit of advance notice so why a multi-use path that sees hundreds of users a day? Also, on their detour they are directing people to ride the wrong way on the sidewalk from 5th to 6th. Communication between utilities, the city, and the community obviously needs to continue to improve.

EWEBs Suggested Routing for the Closure
EWEBs Suggested Routing for the Closure

New Trails in SE Eugene Open

Via Eugene City Council Newsletter this bit of news (emphasis mine):

A series of recent projects, strengthened by community partnerships, have created new trails in southeast Eugene, resulting in improved commuting options and connections between neighborhoods.

The Northwest Youth Corps Outdoor School, supported by members of Friends of Hendricks Park and the Fairmont and Laurel Hill neighborhood associations, and volunteers from Oregon Woods Inc., received a City of Eugene neighborhood matching grant to realign a heavily eroded segment of the Floral Hill Trail in Hendricks Park. The improved trail joins Hendricks Park and the newly constructed .75-mile Ribbon Trail to Floral Hill Drive and creates a pedestrian connection between the Fairmount and Laurel Hill Valley neighborhoods.

In addition, Eugene Water & Electric Board’s (EWEB) need to place a water main line down a narrow City-owned parcel between 30th Avenue and Spring Boulevard resulted in an opportunity to improve a crucial commuter link. The City Parks and Open Space Division partnered with EWEB staff and members of the Disciples of Dirt and the Obsidians to build a trail over the location of the filled-in water main’s trench. EWEB staff built the bulk of the trail as a component of its project. The two volunteer groups worked with City Volunteer-In-Parks staff to build a connecting trail segment near 30th Avenue, while a second grant-funded youth crew worked to build a trail segment down a steep hillside near 29th Avenue. A trail segment connecting the dead ends of Central Boulevard near Laurelwood Golf Course and 29th Avenue completed the connection work.

The new trails allow pedestrian and bicycle access between 29th and 30th avenues and Central Boulevard. Bicycle commuters and pedestrians are able to get off busy 30th Avenue to travel between neighborhoods south of 30th, Lane Community College and other destinations. One regular hiker interviewed recently summed up the experience, “I’m becoming addicted to the trails; it’s so nice to be able to experience a little bit of nature a few minutes from home!” Continue reading “New Trails in SE Eugene Open”

Ruth Bascom Memorial Ride Draws a Large, Grateful Crowd

Thank You Ruth Bascom

Wednesday’s Ruth Bascom Memorial Ride was a huge success, drawing around 200 riders according to a Register-Guard estimate.  The crowd was  speckled with flowers and “Thank You Ruth Bascom” signs, and was attended by some of the original “movers and shakers” who helped cycling get started in Eugene.

Before the ride, participants heard testimony from people who had experiences with Ruth or with Ruth’s legacy, including GEARs President and 1998 Alice Award winner Sue Wolling; Mayor Kitty Piercy; Paul Nicholson of Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, who served with Ruth on City Council and while she was mayor; late 70’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator and 2001 Alice Award Winner Diane Bishop; and member of the 1970’s Eugene Bicycle Committee and co-creator of the 1981 Bicycles in Cities monogram, Peter Eberhardt.  The ride was also attended by Ruth’s husband Dr. John Bascom and her son Paul Bascom.

The crowd gathers before the ride

It was a special treat for me to meet and ride with Bishop and Eberhardt, and I heard a few interesting stories about early Eugene cycling history, including that Portland’s Bike/Ped coordinator was sent down to Eugene in the early days to learn from us!

It’s clear to me from reading the old monographs, hearing the speeches, and from the turnout of Ruth’s memorial that we owe even more to her and her early companions than I could ever impress here.  We ride on the shoulders of giants.

Take the jump for pictures of the ride and click here to read the Register-Guard’s coverage.

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March InMotion Re-post: EPA Grant, Project Homeless Connect, EWEB Riverfront, LTD, 1-5 Bridge, and more!

The March 2010 City of Eugene  InMotion newsletter  is a wealth of great information.  This month’s newsletter covers the SmartTrips EPA Grant, Project Homeless Connect, Youth Mentoring, the EWEB Riverfront Master Plan, LTD route changes, and community events.

The newsletter also include an important 1-5 bridge construction update: (emphasis mine)

Construction Increases on the New I-5 Willamette River Bridge As construction increases on the new I-5 Willamette River Bridge, people using park paths east of Autzen Stadium will experience delays or detours.  Starting Mar. 15, path users in the Whilamut Natural Area and Eastgate Woodlands will experience delays of 20 minutes or longer. Flaggers will be on the paths to direct traffic.  Bicyclists are subject to the same rules as other motorists, including doubling of fines in construction zones for not obeying a flagger or riding on a road or path that is closed. In mid April, the Canoe Canal Path as it passes under I-5 will be closed and path traffic will be detoured to the North Bank Path.  This detour will only be in place a few weeks and then east-west traffic will return to the Canoe Canal Path.  Signage will be in place announcing the changes.  Please watch for and obey the flaggers.

A PDF of the full newsletter is available after the “more” link.

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