Vote Yes on 20-275; Bond to Fix Our Streets

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and they said “hey, I was reading this year’s voters pamphlet and thought of you…”. Wait. First of all what cool friends I have that they spend their Thursday night reading the voters pamphlet. Second, why would I come up when thinking of this Novembers election?

It’s pretty thin. Note that three opposition sections were purchased by one anti-tax individual. The other by someone who wants to see more for active transportation.

So they continued “…there was the bond measure with the piece about the $1 million a year for bicycle and pedestrian projects and I thought ‘cool’ but then I was reading the arguments against and I was like ‘wait a minute, maybe it’s not a good idea’. I should ask Shane.”

Okay so not only does my friend read about the ballot measure she also reads the arguments for and against. And she thought about asking me for my thoughts. #WellInformedFriendsRock


So this is (basically) what I told her.

The arguments against boil down to two points that I’ve heard:

  • We should be funding these street repairs in some other form (from our General Fund, not from a bond that supports “Wall Street”, gas taxes, etc.).

This isn’t a vote on how our bond funding system works. It’s worked well for us up to now to pay for these repairs and if we want to have a conversation about a different funding mechanism that keeps all our money local then we need to have that conversation in general as a community and writing off an important measure that is going to make our streets better for walking and biking isn’t the time or place. We’re working with the system we have here. That answer sucks for some people but like it or not there are times for dealing with the system you have and this is that time. These bonds have been good for walking/biking in the past and this bond is even better. We need it.

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GEARs Election & General Meeting PLUS Bike Giveaway at the Beer Stein

The GEARs Annual Meeting & Board Elections is tonight (Thursday, November 20) from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Washington Cottage (2025 Washington St.)  Up for election are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Members at Large. GEARs has grown over the years and is involved in many facets of bicycling. If you’re a member come vote, if you’re not come and see if you’d like to get involved with GEARs and meet its new leaders

Before or after the elections you can head over to the Beer Stein and support local public radio and maybe even win a New Belgium cruiser (via KLCC):

Bier Stein Bike Giveaway on Nov. 20 
“Support for KLCC comes from… The Bier Stein and New Belgium Brewing!”

New Belgium cruiser
This year’s New Belgium Cruiser Bike Giveaway will benefit KLCC!  Everyone who buys a New Belgium beer (bottle or draught) at The Bier Stein on Thursday November 20 will be entered in the raffle.  Customers can also buy a raffle ticket for $1, with 100% of the proceeds going to KLCC.

The raffle drawing will be held at 9 pm, and you MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!The Bier Stein is located at 1591 Willamette Street in Eugene.  Thank you Bier Stein & New Belgium Brewing!