Fern Ridge Bike Path Scheduled for Partial Repair Summer 2010

The 2010 Fern Ridge Path Plans (click for a bigger image)

WeBikeEugene previously reported that the City of Eugene plans to fix the dangerous and deep cracking on the Fern Ridge Bike Path between Van Buren and Chambers this summer.  While this is wonderful news, it raises the question: “Why is the area of the path between Chambers and Garfield not being repaired, even though it’s just as damaged and dangerous?”  There are only a few feet of safely rideable path in some sections within that area.  This is alarming because it is a path often ridden by children and novice riders.

Confused, I sat down with City of Eugene Associate Transportation Planner David Roth over coffee and cupcakes, and he explained the decision.  It turns out it all boils down to the Amazon Channel, Community Gardens, and not having enough money.

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