Bike Commute Challenge Ends, Katura Crowned 2010 Supreme WeBikeEugene Badass

Katura Reynolds: The 2010 WeBikeEugene Supreme Badass

The BTA’s 2010 Bike Commute Challenge has ended.  They’ll present the winners in Portland on Oct. 7th at some sort of big party, but WeBikeEugene has our results now!

The winner of the WBE Bike Commute Challenge is Katura Reynolds with 335 miles and a 100% commute rate.  Katura has officially earned the “2010 WeBikeEugene Supreme Badass Award.”

The final results of the participating WBE “staff”:

Katura Reynolds – Team Mt. Pisgah Arboretum – 335 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Kendra Seager -Team 4J School District – 309 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Mike Seager – Team 4J School District – 281 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Shane MacRhodes – Team 4J School District – 152 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

One Week Left in the Bike Commute Challenge

A snapshop of Seager's stats

There’s only one week left in the BTA’s Bike Commute Challenge, but don’t worry, you can still participate and record trips from all month.  If you aren’t into the competition aspect of the challenge, it at least tells you interesting things like your commute rate, calories burned, and CO2 saved. You also get discounts at select bike shops after seven trips.  Check it out, and please post your results in our comments.  Don’t worry if you aren’t at 100%, or are barely even at 1% – be proud of what you do. This website isn’t called WeBikeEugene for nothing.  Everyone is welcome.

Participating WBE “staff” totals as of Friday, Sept 24th:

Katura Reynolds – Team Mt. Pisgah Arboretum – 277 Miles, 100% Commute Rate (+92 miles since last week.)

Kendra Seager -Team 4J School District – 259 Miles, 100% Commute Rate (+72 miles since last week)

Mike Seager – Team 4J School District – 217 Miles, 100% Commute Rate (+72 miles since last week)

Shane MacRhodes – Team 4J School District – 120 Miles, 100% Commute Rate (+20 miles since last week)

Kendra and I are in second and third place, respectively,  for all of 4J.  Katura is beating all of 4J.  Shane is smarter about picking where he lives.

Eugene Area Advocacy Primer Part 1: point2point Solutions

Those of us living and riding in the Eugene/Springfield area have a wonderful problem on our hands.  There are so many advocacy organizations in our area working to improve our lives that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all.  It can be difficult to see how these organizations fit and work together, and which is responsible for what.   Well, lucky for you gentlefolks WeBikeEugene has come to the rescue!  Last spring we circulated a questionnaire to as many of the local advocacy groups we could, and most of them answered back.  From this we have created the Eugene Area Advocacy Primer.

The primer is a multi-part series which will run more-or-less weekly throughout the rest of summer, and cover organizations such as GEARs, The BikeLane Coalition, The UO Bike Program, Safe Routes to School, The BTA, and point2point Solutions!  If you’d like an organization covered that is not listed here, let us know!

I’ve chosen point2point Solutions to kick off this series.   point2point Solutions is the organization behind the “Drive Less, Save More” campaign last April and the Business Commute Challenge last May.  They are also responsible for the incredibly useful website which updates commuters on construction that may affect them.

Take the jump to learn about point2point Solutions, how they work, what areas they cover, and what else they do. (They do a lot!)

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Eugenians at the Alice Awards

The 2010 Alice Awards

This Saturday is the Bicycle Transport Alliance (BTA) 15th annual Alice Awards.  The awards are a fundraiser for the BTA, a Portland-based cycling advocacy organization that works “to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon and SW Washington.

The BTA website states that The Alice Awards “honors individuals, businesses, and organizations in Oregon whose work has promoted the use of bicycles and increased the livability of our communities. All of the funds raised at the auction go to support the BTA’s continuing advocacy work on behalf of bicyclists.

According to BikePortland, The 2008 Alice Awards raised $150,000 to use towards cyclist advocacy, partially due to the steep $100 ticket prices–a ticket price which is so high that Kendra and I cannot afford to attend the event.  However, the exciting story here is not us being too poor to party, but instead that some Eugene advocates have been nominated for Alice Awards once again!

Take the jump to read about 2010 nominees Paul Adkins and Richard Hughes and to learn about past Eugenian Alice Awards winners!

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