May InMotion + InTheNews: Coconut Bliss Foodcart and “Drive Less, Save More”

The City of Eugene’s May InMotion newsletter is out, and covers some great things.  Two things that stand out for me are their May Facebook photo contest – which has already yielded some great shots – and the coming of bike corrals to Eugene.

Quoted from InMotion:

Bike Parking in Eugene – Bike Corrals Coming Soon
How can we improve the pedestrian environment, increase parking capacity in front of local businesses and improve visibility – all at a relatively low cost? One way to accomplish these often competing goals is to install a new type of bike parking facility called a bike corral. These on-street bike parking facilities help improve the pedestrian environment by opening up space that may have been used previously for bike racks installed in the sidewalk. And, they increase parking capacity by fitting up to 14 bikes in the space that was occupied by a single automobile. For some businesses, that’s a huge increase in customer parking!

The City of Eugene’s Transportation Planning Team is currently working with partners from City Parking Services, Permitting and Traffic Operations to develop a program to manage the installation and maintenance of bike corrals in Eugene. Modeled after other successful examples, Eugene’s bike corral program will rely on a collaborative partnership between interested private businesses and the City of Eugene. Businesses interested in adding additional bike parking should contact Associate Transportation Planner, David Roth at (541) 682-5727 for more information.

Take the jump to read and download the full InMotion newsletter, which includes information about the 2010 Bike/Ped counts, the Business Commute Challenge, Walk + Bike month, recycling bike tubes and tires, and much more!  Also following the jump: In The News: Coconut Bliss goes bike powered, and the “Drive Less, Save More” Campaign.

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