Second Sexual Assault Near The Greenway Bike Bridge in Just Over a Month

The approximate location of the assault (click for Google map)

WBE wrote last month about the October 15th attempted rape of a woman bike rider in Maurie Jacobs Park by the Greenway Bike Bridge on the River Path.  Last weekend on Saturday, November 21st,  another sexual assault occurred in the same area.  While the first assault occurred at 11:44pm, this assault happened much earlier:  just after the sun went down around 6pm.  According to KEZI, 54-year-old Alan Dean Adams groped a woman near the bridge, who was able to call for help despite Adams’ attempts to silence her.  Bystanders came to her aid and later led police to Adams.  It’s not clear from the KEZI article if the woman was on a bike or walking.

Please be careful on the paths after dark.  The WBE article about the previous assault in this area has a list of measures a person can take to protect themselves.  My wife and WBE Copy Editor, Kendra, rides this exact section of the path every night just after dark, and stories like this really worry me.  One suggestion I have for people riding home after dark is to text someone you care about and/or who is at the location you are riding to before you leave.  At least then someone will know relatively quickly if something has happened during your ride.

Take the jump for experts from the KEZI article.

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Woman Attacked on River Path Near Maurie Jacobs Park

This story showed up tonight at the Register-Guard, KEZI, and KMTR.  I’m going to post the KMTR version because it’s the most thorough.   Please be extra careful out there, especially since it’s getting dark earlier and earlier.

The general area of the attack (click for Google Map)

Via KMTR: Woman attacked on bike path near Maurie Jacobs Park

Eugene Police are putting out information and a suspect description in an assault/attempted rape incident that occurred October 13 around 11:44 p.m. with the hope that someone will have information that can help identify the suspect.

On October 13, a 47-year-old woman was riding her bike home on Maurie Jacobs Park off of Fir and Lombard when an unknown man intercepted her and asked her for a cigarette or a light. While she was looking for one, he pulled her down by the river, and assaulted and attempted to rape her. She was able to successfully fight him off and called 9-1-1.

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What would you have done? A driver threatens my life on E 19th Ave

The scene of the crime, click to embiggen

Like most cyclists, I’ve had my fair share of close calls with car drivers.  Most of the close calls are accidental, comprising of left and right hooks, car doors, and similar things.  I usually just give a hearty “HEY HEY HEY!” and let those incidents go, thanking my lucky stars that my defensive biking skills saved my life, yet again.

Occasionally a driver tries to hit me or scare me.  I’ve been ran into a rock wall by a dump truck in eastern Oregon, ran into a guardrail and almost flipped off a bridge by a truck in Massachusetts, ran into a ditch in Iowa, and honked at and buzzed more times than I can count.  Those drivers were all trying to scare and possibly kill me, and no doubt felt perfectly justified in dehumanizing me.  However, it wasn’t until today that I had a chance to have a discussion with one of these guys right after he threatened me with his weapon of choice, a minivan.

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Police Seeking Witnesses to Tuesday Bike Path Assault

Tuesday’s Fern Ridge bike path assault saga continues with this press release by the Eugene Police Department: (emphasis mine)

Police Seeking Witnesses to Tuesday’s Bike Path Assault

Case No. 10-9171

Eugene Police investigators are seeking any witnesses to a bike path assault that happened on Tuesday, June 8, around 9 a.m. at the Fern Ridge bike path, east of Acorn Park. A 52-year-old bicyclist reported an encounter with two pedestrians in which one of them made deliberate contact with him as he was trying to pass, causing him to crash. He left to get medical attention for his facial injuries, but he said there was a possible witness to the incident. At least two other bicyclists also reported similar encounters in the same general area that morning.

Eugene Police Crime Prevention and Patrol staff have been working with Eugene Parks and Open Space to mitigate tall grass and obstacles. Unusually wet environmental conditions have made it unsafe to use large mowing equipment. A Lane County Sheriff’s Office work crew will be in the area clearing vegetation by hand on Monday, June 14. Bicyclists and pedestrians should be aware of potential congestion during that time.

If anyone witnessed the incident they are asked to help by calling 541.953.9323.

KEZI and the Register-Guard have also picked up the story.

As previously reported by WBE, several people, including myself, had run-ins with these people on Tuesday.  The police have the names of the assailants and have ticketed them for menacing (thanks to the work of other cyclists), but do not have direct witnesses of this assault, so it appears that they can go no further.   Since the case is still open, the police are reluctant to release the names of the assailants.

Group of men harrass and assault cyclists on the Fern Ridge Path, police need your help [updated]

Did you experience these people?  The police need your help!

A group of 3-4 males estimated by me to be 18-21 years old were harassing cyclists on the Fern Ridge Bike Path this morning.  I experienced them under the Oak Patch Acorn Park underpass.  They blocked my path, body checked me as I passed (lightly), and screamed at me.  They did a similar maneuver to one of my 16-year-old students a little to the west of Oak Patch about 10 minutes later.  These incidents happened at 8:30 and around 8:40 am, respectively.

I called the police after my student reported his incident to me, and they said that they’ve received numerous complaints, but cannot find the group of men.  They said that someone has already been assaulted and injured by this group, and they are looking for all possible witnesses.

One of the men was wearing a long, baggy white shirt, had short blond hair, and looked large.  I was focused on him since he was blocking my path, but I think the other two were wearing dark clothes, and my student reported one wearing a hoody.  I’m 90% sure all three (maybe four) were white.

(I was pretty tunnel-visioned on the guy blocking my path.)

If you saw or experienced these people, please call the police.

The Eugene Police Department is still trying to find these men, but no more attacks have been reported since this morning.  According to EPD there were two separate victims of assault, both male.  One of them walked home “bleeding from facial injuries” and the status of the other was not reported, which leads me to believe that his injuries were less severe.

Update #2:

The assailants were followed by cyclists to the Dairy Mart on West 11th where they were ticketed by police for “menacing.”  They can’t really do more unless the victim with the facial injuries contacts police, since he has not been located.

From EPD:

The police who responded took information about those involved, victims and suspects/persons of interest, however, they were unable to locate the victim who left and who seemed to have injuries from an assault. We’d be very interested in hearing from this person.