Report Hazards

The following is a guide for how you can report hazards (leaves, broken glass, potholes, dangerous vegetation, unresponsive traffic signals, etc) in bike lanes, paths, and roads to various government entities so that they may be cleaned, repaired, or removed.   These are handy numbers to have programmed into your phone.

City of Eugene Roads and Paths

Web Based Reporting – This method of reporting is preferred by the City of Eugene

Other Websites

Phone Numbers

  • Maintenance Hotline – for all hazards except those specified below
    • (541) 682-4800
  • Eugene Parking Services – for cars parked in the bike lane
    • (541) 682-5729
  • Eugene Police Non-Emergency – for use when the other numbers don’t work
    • (541) 682-5111

Springfield Roads and Paths

Phone Numbers

  • Maintenance Hotline – for all hazards
    • (541) 726-3761
  • Springfield Police Non-Emergency
    • (541) 726-3714

Websites (non-reporting)

Glenwood and Rural Roads

The responsibility of maintaining the roads in Glenwood is spread between Eugene, Springfield, ODOT, and Lane County.  Please refer to the PDF embedded below for a guide.

Phone Numbers

  • Oregon Department of Transportation Maintenance Hotline – for all state roads
    • (541) 744-8080
  • Lane County Road Maintenance Hotline – for all county roads
    • (541) 682-6900

Glenwood Jurisdiction Map:

(Rough Key: Purple = ODOT ; Blue = Lane County ; Green = Springfield ; Orange = Eugene)

Scroll the the bottom of the map for a full key

Glenwood Road Jurisdiction