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Useful Phone Numbers (541)

Maintenance Hotlines
For use when debris hinders the bike lane or path (leaves, broken glass, potholes, etc.)

Online Reporting - Eug
Mobile App - Eug
682-4800 - Eugene
726-3761 - Spfld
744-8080 - ODOT
682-6900 - Lane Co.

Eugene Parking Services
For use when a car is parked in the bike lane during business hours.

682-5729 - Eugene

Police Non-Emergency Number
For use if the above numbers don't work.

682-5111 - Eugene
726-3714 - Spfld


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David Minor Bikeway Meeting Tuesday


The next public meeting regarding the David Minor Bikeway proposal, connecting the UO campus and downtown on 13th with a 2-way separated bikeway, is on June 24th from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in the Eugene Library Bascom-Tykeson Room.  Previous meetings have been held and there has been overwhelming support for the project so far. Though a couple businesses have raised concerns about the possible loss of parking other businesses and many community members have expressed an interest in seeing improvements for the corridor. Creating a two-way bike facility will help the wrong-way sidewalk riding that is occurring, providing not only a direct, safe, and comfortable bike connection to and from campus and downtown but also a more pleasant pedestrian environment for those walking the corridor.


Even if you have attended previous meetings it will be important to attend this one as well since staff will be presenting information on engineering and signal timing analysis as well as collect feedback on potential design options. City staff still needs to hear from people that this is an important connection to the community and without the students in town to represent that others need to show their support for the potential first real cycle track project in Eugene. If this project goes in and is designed well it could be the first step in connecting up our whole bike network with a core of more comfortable bikeways for all.




Let city staff know that you want to see a safe and physically protected bikeway here to create a corridor that is better and more predictable for ALL road users. One key piece of the design will be to make the bike and pedestrian movement a priority and not allow the many north-south corridors for cars interrupt the flow for active transportation users.


With the Capstone project being completed this summer and our downtown in the midst of a major revitalization it’s essential that this facility happen sooner rather than later. Ask the city to place this project on the front burner for completion in 2015!  Once the city prioritizes the project and moves forward with planning it then the funding search (public and private dollars) can begin in earnest.


There is a new web site that has many answers to frequently asked questions about the David Minor Bikeway: Have a look and we’ll see you on Tuesday, June 24th!


Bike Music Fest Video

Here’s a little video on the Eugene Bike Music Festival 2014:

Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine.

Pizza Fundraiser for David Minor Memorial Fund Tonight


DavidMinorDavid Minor died six years ago today in a bicycle accident at the corner of 13th and Willamette. You have likely seen the ghost bike memorial still standing on that corner. What you may not know, is that in the six years since we lost David more than $20,000 has been raised in his memory and awarded to organizations and programs creating access to locally grown foods and gardening skills for those in need.

Help us continue to grow David’s “organic legacy.” Join us for good food and music this Thursday evening, June 5th.

The Eugene City Bakery has generously agreed to contribute 20% of sales between 5 and 8pm to David’s Memorial Fund.

The Joanne Broh Trio will be on hand serving up blues, jazz, and contemporary music.

WHAT: Percentage night to support WFFC’s David Minor Memorial Fund
WHERE: Eugene City Bakery, corner of 19th and Agate near UO
WHEN: Thursday June 5th, 5-8pm

Some recipients of David Minor Memorial Fund support:
FOOD for Lane County Applesauce Project, turning local apples into sauce for food pantries
“That’s My Farmer” Low Income Fund, subsidizing CSA shares for those who can least afford them
Farm to School Family Outreach Project, providing farmers market tours and coupons to low income families with young children
LCHAY’s Healthy Corner Stores Initiative, supporting a farm stand in the parking lot of a DariMart Store in an under-served Springfield neighborhood
Huerto de la Familia, teaching low-income Latino families how to grow their own organic food in community garden plots
Victory Gardens for All, the volunteer, pay-it-forward service effort to assist folks from all walks of life in planting gardens

May Bike Month Events!



May is going to be a GREAT month for biking in Eugene! Not only is there more sunshine coming our way but there are also A LOT of great bike events going on throughout the whole month. Here’s a rundown of some of the events. Most of these can be found on the Community Bike Calendar (a GEARs project found on several sites, including this one). If you know of other bike events going on during May let us know and we’ll get them up on this list and the calendar!


Throughout all of May you can support the Safe Routes to School “Bike Safety Education Program” by both volunteering at one of the community rides held throughout all three school districts AND by buying your lunch at Wrap City in Kesey Square or having a beer at Oakshire Brewing. Throughout the month of May, Wrap City will be donating a percentage of all of it’s sales to SRTS and Oakshire will have a special fundraising event on May 7th (National Bike to School Day)!  May happens to be Walk + Bike to School Challenge month too and while we are challenging our students to walk and bike more we challenge the community to support our efforts by volunteering and buying local!
BikeMonthPoster 2014
More Information on events:

I saw this for Portland at lunch today. It’s pretty cool and also has data for Eugene.

I found it striking that very few bikes ride on Willamette and almost nobody rides on Portland Street, (in Eugene and in spite of the attention that it gets as an alternative to the Willamette redesign).

My real reaction to this data is “finally something that resembles real data”.


Click the link above the picture to pan and zoom to your heart’s content and enjoy exploring where others are biking!

Job Opportunity: Bike Friday Factory Showroom Host

Someday WeBikeEugene May have a Job Opportunities page similar to BikePortland. Until then we’ll post them up front-

Via Bike Friday:

We are looking for a special someone for the summer to be host for our Bike Friday Factory Showroom. The ideal candidate would really enjoy cycling, people and helping people have a good experience buying what they need. This position is a mixture of taking care of visitors to the Bike Friday showroom and working on bikes for our service department. Good self organizational skills with a high comfort with self management a must. Also you need to be comfortable with a computer database.
Summer time is the busiest time for our showroom and we have people visiting from all over the world to see the factory, pick up their new bikes, test ride and order a new bike or just buy some accessories for the Bike Friday they already have. We also have customers coming for a visit who need adjustments made to their current Bike Fridays.

You would:
Greet every visitor and welcome them to Bike Friday.
Make sure they are taken care of by the right expert, whether customer service or sales.
Give Factory tours.
Demonstrate how a Bike Friday folds and fits into a suitcase
Sell parts and accessories
Set people up for test-rides on a Bike Friday
Find answers to a variety of questions ranging from where is a good place to eat around here, a good hotel or where is the best bike route out of town to the coast.
When the showroom is quiet you would be helping customer service by working on a bike.

The position is open immediately to the right person and would extend until at least through August. Hourly wage varies based on skill and knowledge set but starts at $11/hr. In store employee discount on bike stuff is available.

This can be part time or full time. Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday.

If you have interest please send cover letter and resume to You can also call to follow up at 1-800-777-0258.

This position has potential for long term for the right person.

UO Bike Program Unveils Repair Trike

To celebrate Earth Week, and to continue in their great program growth, the University of Oregon’s Bike Program is unveiling their new “Mobile Repair Trike” today.  The trike is a collaboration of the Center for Appropriate Transportation (CAT), the Student Sustainability Coalition, and the UO Bike Program.

UO Mobile Repair Trike (photo by Alexander Hongo)

UO Mobile Repair Trike (photo by Alexander Hongo)

The three-wheeled bike features a metal box integrated into the handlebars. The lid of the box slides to one side to serve as a worktable. When extended, a pegboard full of tools slides up within the mechanic’s reach. A lower compartment can store three collapsible bike stands. The tricycle itself is made to haul heavy loads while still being comfortable for any rider. Other nice features include an Alfine 8-speed internal hub and Avid Disc Brakes with a lock setting for parking.

Matt Keller, UO Bike Program Lead Mechanic said, “It will allow us to work on a lot of bikes where they are, so we don’t have to move them.”  This will be particularly important, he says, when the UO Bike share system is online. That bike share system has been delayed with contract negotiations but is speculated to open sometime over the next year (hopefully soon…).

The Mobile Repair Trike will also be used for free repair events on campus and in the community, according to Keeler, like the one happening today from 10 AM – 4 PM across from Lillis Business School on 13th Avenue. Students and community members can stop by with their bikes to have a free safety check from Bike Program staff and volunteers. Anyone stopping will also be able to take a look at the new Mobile repair bike up close and learn more about the UO Bike Program. [Read More...]

Gil Peñalosa & Connecting Communities

This is a guest post by Rob Zako, Executive Director of BEST (Better Eugene Springfield Transit), whose goal is educating the public about and advocating for a regional transit system that fosters prosperity, social equity, and a healthy natural environment.

Did you miss international expert Gil Peñalosa yesterday at the “Connecting Communities” conference?

Watch a video of the full 3-hour event…
Watch Gil Peñalosa give a 15-minute TEDx talk

Gil is the executive director of the Toronto-based nonprofit 8-to-80 Cities. Their mission is simple and compelling: Everyone has a right to get around safely, quickly and conveniently. This includes 8-year-old children—maybe your own children or grandchildren—who are too young to drive; and people 80-year-old seniors—maybe you, if not now then in a few years—who have lost the ability to drive. If the young and old can get around, then everyone can get around. Making a community that works for everyone is democracy, it is equality, it is respect.

In particular, Gil says we need to design our cities for people who walk, as everyone starts and ends every trip walking, even if just to or from a bicycle rack, a bus stop, or a car parking lot. We need to design our cities for people who ride bicycles, as this is an inexpensive and clean mode of transportation that doesn’t take up too much space in our cities. We need to design our cities for people who ride the bus, as doing so uses finite road capacity more efficiently. And we need to design our cities for people who drive cars or trucks. We need to design our cities for everyone: walking, biking, riding the bus, and driving!
[Read More...]

Velo Posse Recovers Stolen Bike. Thieves Beware

Let me tell you a little story about my stolen bicycle. It’s rare to have good news about a bicycle theft but I’ll tell you from the outset this story ends happily. It all started on a typical night (Thursday January 16th). I had ridden my Surly Long Haul Trucker Xtracycle this day, even though for the past few weeks I’d been riding the new Bike Friday Haul-a-Day.  The brakes were rubbing a bit on the Haul-a-Day and I didn’t need to use the Hooptie to pick up the kids so I rode my classic steed. First a little background on the bike.  I’ve had this bike since I worked at Pedal Express in Berkeley, California. Originally the Xtracycle was on an aluminum cyclocross frame in 2002 but I broke that from all the hard work I put it through (like racing it in the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Seattle in 2003). In 2004 I upgraded to the Surly Long Haul Trucker and the first major trip with it was the day Missy proposed to me at Hawk Camp in the Marin Headlands. Since then I’ve ridden that bike on a trip in the Czech Republic, on our Honeymoon in the Yucatan Peninsula, on our “All Around US” circumnavigation of the country, on countless errands/commute trips, many camping trips and eventually carrying all three of our kids on it. Needless to say it’s a pretty damn important bike.   CMWCSEA2003Xtracycle Cargo [Read More...]

Stolen Bike Alert- Green Long Haul Trucker Xtracycle


Because I can post here :-)

Stolen from 18th & Chambers Albertsons, Thursday Jan. 16, 5:30 pm. Locked with mini u-lock (almost certainly). Had plain black bag (no patches like in picture), wood snap deck, kickback stand, basket on front of mini front rack. Helmet also stolen with bike (like in bottom photo but with cool reflectors).
No cute kids were stolen.

Police report filed (bike registered).

If seen contact Shane at number below.