Eugene Roubaix

Riders Entering Gravel Section (2008 Roubaix)

The Hell of the North-west? Maybe for some, but this 13-Mile loop Circuit Race is unlike any other road race here in Oregon:  it’s got gravel (1.5 miles of gravel, that is). For most of us it is the closest thing we will ever get to racing the prestigious Paris-Roubaix. And it is right in our backyard (check map for race location)- the Eugene Roubaix!

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April InMotion Newsletter

The April InMotion newsletter is out, and as usual it’s full of great information.  This month’s newsletter includes information on the 2010 Business Commute Challenge, Walk +Bike Challenge Month,  Fern Ridge and 1-5 River Path construction updates, and includes many more interesting feature articles and news tidbits.

Download or read it in full after the “jump.”

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City of Eugene Recieves $37,302 Grant to Fund Silly Routes to School Programs

Shane should probably have expected this

The City of Eugene has just been awarded a $37,302 grant to fund Eugene Silly Routes to School (SRTS) programs from the national Silly Routes to School organization in association with the Constantly Lauded Organization of Weird Nitwits (CLOWN) fund.

The grant, in conjunction with the recently acquired $73 Eugene SassyTrips grant and practically guaranteed funding from the non-competitive Oregon Department of Transmutation (ODOT) Pedestrian and Bicycle to Clown Conversion Grant Program, will provide for several significant improvements to the Eugene transportation infrastructure.

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“Amazon Puddle” extinct; More on Fern Ridge Path Flooding

The regraded former home of the Amazon Puddle

I didn’t want to post news of the recent eradication of the Amazon Puddle at 24th and the Amazon Bike Path until I’d seen the results in action.  I first noticed on March 17th that the City had regraded the area around the puddle, but it wasn’t until yesterday’s deluge that I could really assess the results.  Despite abnormally high levels of water and flooding in many other areas, the Amazon Puddle did not appear.  The rains did cause some significant erosion in the regraded soil, but that is to be expected until the planted grass  becomes established in the area.

In other flooding news, the Fern Ridge Path flooding has garnered some significant media attention  – including the front page of the Register-Guard (with perhaps the best picture of the flooding yet), and more pictures and video on the South Eugene KVAL blog.

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Safety Warning: Fern Ridge Bike Path Floods (Updated)

Underpass Flooding at Chambers at 8am (click for bigger picture)

The Fern Ridge Bike Path is experiencing the worst underpass flooding that I’ve seen in my two years of daily riding.  The underpass at Chambers is completely submerged with over foot deep water.  The underpass at Garfield shows signs of having flooded over night, and the water left behind a layer of thick, slippery mud.  The Garfield underpass is especially dangerous since it is at the bottom of a slope, shadowed, and deceptively  slick.  Please take it very slow.  When the waters receded at Chambers we can expect similarly muddy and slippery conditions as well.

Be careful out there, and please share any other flooding that you see today in the comments.

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City to rebuild Alder St. near UO, could put in Eugene’s first cycletrack (updated)

The yellow line shows the area of planned reconstruction

This is a story that I’ve been dying to write for years, even though WeBikeEugene has only existed for a month.  It’s hard for me to stay detached and unbiased about this subject because I’ve spent countless hours and miles having my bones shaken and bike punished by the decrepit and horrible conditions on Alder St. near the University or Oregon – a street that is one of Eugene’s main, yet most horribly maintained, cycling routes.

Thankfully, good news is finally here.  Not only is Alder St. between 18th Ave. and Franklin Blvd (and part of 13th Ave) going to be repaved in 2011 as part of The City of Eugene’s Pavement Preservation Program, but thanks to the City’s policy of piggy-backing bicyclist and pedestrian improvement projects on top of its pavement preservation projects, there is an opportunity for additional funds to be made available by applying to the competitive Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Pedestrian and Bicycle Grant Program.  Past piggy-backed projects include the 2009 rebuilding of Bailey Hill Road and the rebuilding of 18th Ave near the U of O.  There are also plans to improve Alder St south of 19th Ave, but they are part of  separate projects and are funded by Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grants.

Proposed Alder St. Cycletrack

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City of Eugene plans to fix Amazon Path flooding, Fern Ridge Bike Path

The "Amazon Puddle" with its native inhabitants

While using the term “flooding” may be a bit of an overstatement, use of the term “puddle” certainly seems inadequate.  The “Amazon Puddle” is more than just a puddle – not only in literal size – but also as symbol of a project that, to some, seems to have gone a bit awry. However, and please excuse the little bit of editorializing on my part, it is important not to  “miss the path for puddle,” so to speak.

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Welcome to!

This post  marks the official launch of WeBikeEugene.  We have been posting for a few weeks now, and it’s time to spread the word about the site.

WeBikeEugene has a simple mission statement.  We exist to spread news of cycling to cyclists and others in the Eugene/Springfield area.  We plan to cover advocacy, road riding, commuting, infrastructure projects, off-road projects, recreational riding, road and off-road racing, cycling community events, and anything else having to do with cycling in Eugene, Springfield, and the surrounding area.

Some describe us as Eugene’s version of We consider this comparison a great compliment, and hope to be as thorough one day as they are.  However, we have no current plans to expand our coverage beyond the Eugene/Springfield area, nor do we have the resources to update as often.

You can see a little bit of who we are about by browsing our previous topics.  We are not fully operational as of yet, and are still in the process of bringing more contributors on staff.  As we acquire more writers our coverage of events, especially in the racing and off-road scenes, will expand.

We welcome any suggestions for articles, news tips, and submitted articles.  You can contact us here. None of us run this site full-time, and we welcome any help and suggestions from our readers.

As well as doing our own reporting, we will also be aggregating other Eugene/Springfield area news sources, including GEARS news, Safe Routes to School news, the City of Eugene’s InMotion Newsletter, and other sources.  Our goal is not to compete with these already wonderful news sources, but instead to make them more accessible to the general public.

Many people have put a lot of effort into making this site a reality, but it will only be useful if people spread the word.  A cycling community educated about current cycling events will progress faster than one that is left in dark.  You can help by reading, spreading the word, suggesting article ideas, or even contributing.

And, of course, the most important thing is to get out and ride!

Weekend News Wrap-up 2/13/10

This weekend news wrap-up include two Eugene men cycling a frozen lake in Russia, an STP-U funds update, planned construction on Highway 126, an upcoming cycle track webinar, an upcoming River Front Research Park meeting, and the return of Bike Porn to Eugene.

Eugene men to attempt a winter bike ride around a frozen Russian lake.

Our lead story comes courtesy of the Register-Guard outdoor section.  Quoted from the R-G:

What surely ranks among the most unusual and challenging mountain bike rides in the world will be attempted later this month by an international group of adventurers that includes two Eugene residents.

The five-man team hopes to become the first to use human power to circumnavigate Russia’s Lake Baikal in winter — as well as the first to bicycle around the lake’s entire 1,300-mile shoreline.

If the expedition goes as planned, it will take the cyclists 43 days to pedal — and sometimes push — bicycles with studded tires from Irkutsk down the frozen Angara River to Lake Baikal, around the frozen 400-mile-long lake, then back up the river to Irkutsk.

Go the Register-Guard to read the full Article

More wrap-up after the more link:

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Via Job: Bicycle Safety Education Instructor, Eugene (BTA)

Re-Posted from

Job Title
Bicycle Safety Education Instructor, Eugene

Bicycle Transportation Alliance

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