Things to See In Eugene While Visiting On Bike

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This weekend we have our annual Kidical Mass family bike camping trip and we have a family coming up from Sacramento to join us (Hi Elle!!).  When asked about things to see and do in Eugene in her couple of days before the trip I decided I should write a post about it and get other’s input too. So here are some of my suggestions. Add yours in the comments and I’ll work them into the post to use as a reference for others. This will be mostly focused on families wanting to bike around Eugene. Speaking of which, did you catch that article in Bicycle Times a few months ago titled “The Search for Neverland” about a families bike visit in Eugene? Highly recommended.

Here, in no particular order, are some suggestions for places to see and things to do for families visiting Eugene by bike:

If you’re here on the third Saturday of the month you have to join us for Kidical Mass!

Stop by CAT. The Center for Appropriate Transport can be like a toy shop for both adults and kids who like bikes. They have a rideable museum where you can check out various bikes and take them for a spin around the neighborhood and down to the river path. They also have a DIY shop to fine tune your machines. Good place to top off the air and do your ABC Quick Checks…you do know the ABC Quick Check, right?!  Just be sure you don’t let the kids run back into the powder coating/welding/machine shop area. ..though the bathroom is back in that direction.  Plug the kids into a bike movie and check out all the cool resources.

Explore the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path system. This is a give me and a must. Here’s a map (pdf). Many of the following places can be found riding along or near the path:

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Thaw Out & Come Out

The snow is gone and this weekend is packed with bike events!

Friday, Dec. 13th:
Reception for Cascadian Courier Collective at Arriving By Bike (27th & Willamette) 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Cascadian Courier Collective reception with libations from Falling Sky Brewery. Drop by to help celebrate Eugene’s newest bicycle couriers – now delivering from the Falling Sky Pour House and Delicatessen as well as from Laughing Planet on Blair Blvd.

Plus, bicycle cookie decorating – create a portrait of your current steed or of your dream ride on homemade bike cookies!
Cascadian Boys
Saturday, Dec. 14th:

Confident and Safe Cycling Class, Whitaker Community Center (Clark & N. Jackson) 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
This 3+6-hour GEARs class guides cyclists in state laws as they pertain to bike riders, crash avoidance techniques and includes a student manual. The extra six hours provides on-bike skills, on-road practice and experience. Adults and children above age fourteen are perfect for this packed, three-hour course. This curriculum is provided by the League of American Bicyclists and meets the City of Eugene’s Municipal Court requirements for bike traffic citation diversion. This class has a $10 fee. Continue reading “Thaw Out & Come Out”

Cargo Bike Fair, Disaster Relief Trial, & Fiets of Parenthood!

EugeneDRT13Last year over 100 people came out for the Cargo Bike Roll Call, a show-and-tell of utility biking for Eugene. From errand running family bikes to mobile canning stations there is a huge diversity of cool ways to move ourselves and our things around our community. This year we’re expanding the event to include the Disaster Relief Trials (DRT), a cargo bike race designed to help demonstrate the abilities of bikes in disaster situations. Through a partnership with the City and University Emergency Management programs and our local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) cargo bike riders will demonstrate how bikes can help in response to a disaster. The riders plan and navigate a course of their choosing through the city, to designated check points with fully loaded bikes. At each check point riders will encounter obstacles or have tasks to assist response teams.

While the riders are completing the course, the Cargo Bike Fair and a “Fiets of Parenthood” will be held. The Cargo Bike Fair will be a great place to show off and see cargo bikes and gear as well as to see various emergency preparedness supplies and resources. The Fiets of Parenthood is a fun-filled competition for parents to flaunt (and practice) their family biking skills. The race will include: the dropped toy turnaround, groceries & a growler grab-n-go, a slalom, and other feats cargo biking families face. Bonus points for number of kids on the bike so bring your friends along!

All events will take place at the South Eugene High School parking lot from 11am-4pm. The DRT will start at Noon. Fiets of Parenthood is from 12:30-2:00pm.

Join the fun: Register to ride, have a booth, volunteer (get free stuff), sponsor the event, or just spread the word and come!


This event is also a fundraiser for Food for Lane County who serves a current community issue that needs relief: Hunger.

Organizing partners include: Pedal Power Music,City of Eugene Emergency Services, UO Emergency Management, 4j SRTS, CERT

Sponsors include: Epicenter, DLX- Deployed Logix, Norwest Safety, Cabela’s, Green Cycle Services, Bike Friday, Arriving by Bike, Xtracycle, point2point Solutions, Oakshire, Feeny Wireless, and Adkins Chiropractic & Wellness


Welcome Back Rides for Students

LiveMove LogoThousands of students are returning to town for the start of the University of Oregon school year. The student transportation and livability group LiveMove is sponsoring a “Bike Orientation” tour of Eugene for all the newbies in town. They’ll share the best ways to get around to different neighborhoods from campus, how to prepare for Oregon rain on a bike, the best bike routes to take, and some often unknown recreation paths! The rides will last about an hour, and if you don’t have a bike, the UO Bike Program will rent you one at a discounted rate!

The tours will be Tuesday October 8th and 15th at 3:30 PM, and Thursday, October 10th and 17th at 5:00 PM. Each ride can accommodate up to 10 riders. If interested, email Nick Meltzer to sign up! More details will follow once sign up has been completed.

Welcome to Eugene students and good luck with the first week of class!


Blackberry bRamble; A Weekend of Bike Fun!

The annual Blackberry bRamble & Bike Celebration is just a few days away and it’s filled with a whole weekend of fun bike-centered activities. Here’s the basic run down of the weekend. Be sure and register now for the rides, the price goes up on Friday!

The Blackberry bRamble has long been known for its scenic route, extraordinary food at rest stops, reliable support and free blackberry pie and ice cream at the finish. Whether you’re a road cyclist in top form, a weekend recreational rider, or a parent pulling two kids in a trailer, Eugene’s Blackberry bRamble is a great ride! Plus, all proceeds from this event support Safe Routes to School and bicycle education in the greater Eugene area. But there is much more the bRamble than the rides; from special industry tours, a fundraising dinner for adaptive recreation, a speaker, pedal powered movie in the park, breakfast, and a post-ride celebration there is a lot fun to be had the whole weekend!

Friday, August 2nd Events

Blackberry bRamble Weekend Tour of Eugene Bicycle Industries

  • 9 to 12pm, Rolf Prima,  150 Shelton Mcmurphey Blvd. Ste 101
  • 12 to 2pm, Bike Friday, 3364 W 11th Ave  Eugene, OR 97402
  • 2 to 4pm, Co-Motion, 4765 Pacific Ave  Eugene, OR 97402

Saturday, August 3rd Events

  • 6-8:30 Spaghetti dinner in Hilyard Community Center (beer garden on the patio).
  • 7:30 – 9:00 GEARs meeting and guest speaker at Hilyard Community Center.
  • 9:00ish – 11:00ish Movie in the park at the festival area behind Amazon Pool  (Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure).


Meet other riders at the community dinner, where you can enjoy all you can eat (not to be confused with all you should eat) pasta, salad, bread, dessert and a beverage. The Beer and Wine Garden will be open for purchases for those wanting a little pre-ride pick me up. Tickets can be purchased now, or on site on the evening of the dinner. All proceeds from the community dinner go to support Eugene’s Adaptive Cycling Program.

In the Hilyard Community Center, Ellee Thalheimer, author of Bicycle Sojourners, will share with you the joys of touring and her experiences touring in Oregon. The evening will end with a Movie in the Park presentation of PeeWee’s Big Adventure, a classic cycling movie.

Xalapa 084Ellee Thalheimer is an accomplished freelance travel writer and cycle tourist who believes that there are few better ways to travel and discover than by bike. Co-founder of the non-profit business alliance thePortland Society, owner of Into Action Publications, zealous Oregonian, author of Lonely Planet’s Cycling Italy and drinker of yerba mate, Ellee rarely turns down an adventure. Her most recent projects include authoring and publishing Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-day Tours in Oregon and co-authoring and publishing Hop in the Saddle: A Guide to Portland’s Craft Beer Scene, by Bike. When away from Portlandia, she misses the bejeezus out of her husband Joe and her puppy dog Winston.

Sunday, August 4th- The Big Day!

Pre-Ride Breakfast

Fuel up before the ride. A continental breakfast with prices ranging from $1.00 to $5.00 will be available at the Hilyard Community Center. If you are not ready for a full breakfast, enjoy a free cup of coffee (6:30 – 9:00 am).

The Rides:


The Blackberry bRamble is a premier ride in the Northwest. Each year more cyclists enjoy a beautiful ride with lots of good food.  You climb slowly out of the Willamette Valley with a scenic view of Eugene below and then pass into the farms and vineyards of the Lorane Valley. The ride has four distance options – a full century, a metric century, a 40-mile or a 10/20 mile community ride. Rest stops with food, water, mechanics on site, SAG wagon support on the three longer routes and the community ride has one rest stop with snacks. All riders enjoy a special blackberry pie & ice cream treat at the end of the ride! Continue reading “Blackberry bRamble; A Weekend of Bike Fun!”

Cycling for Veterans

In Honor of Memorial Day:
Cycling for Veterans rides every Tuesday at 5:30 pm from Maurie Jacobs Park (through Sept. 10th this year). They ride anywhere from 6 miles to 15 miles on the bike paths around the river. The Cycling for Veterans group is open to any veteran, disabled or otherwise and is open to all skill levels.  Disabled veterans can  contact the City of Eugene’s Adaptive Cycles for help to get fitted to an adaptive bike and/or to rent an adaptive bike. For more info contact Or call 541.682.6365.


LiveMove Speaker Series This Thursday: Ralph Buehler

Join LiveMove on Thursday May 16th as they host Ralph Buehler, assistant professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech. Ralph’s research work fall into three areas: (1) the influence of transport policy, land use, socio-demographics on travel behavior; (2) active travel and public health; and (3) public transport demand, supply, and financial efficiency. Most of his research has an international comparative perspective, contrasting transport and land-use policies, transport systems, and travel behavior in Western Europe and North America.

Germany and the US have among the highest motorization rates in the world. Yet, Germans make four times higher share of their trips by foot, bike and public transport and drive for a 25 percent lower share of trips. Ralph examines the transport and land-use policies in Germany over the last 40 years that have encouraged more walking, bicycling, and public transport use, and concludes with policies that are transferable to car-oriented countries worldwide.

Join LiveMove for an afternoon ride and/or an evening speaking event:

12pm-2pm: Shane MacRhodes and LiveMove members will take our guest speaker on a bike tour of Eugene. Meet at the University of Oregon Outdoor Program Barn (University St. at E. 18th Ave.).

5pm-7pm: Ralph will present at the Downtown Athletic Club (999 Willamette St., Mezzanine Level).


Ride of Silence Tomorrow

Please join us for the Eugene Ride of Silence
Wednesday, May 15 at 6:00pm.
Starting at the Educational Memorial on Bailey Hill Road, past Churchill High School and the Fire Station.

6:00pm, speech by Mayor Kitty Piercy
6:15 Reading of the names of bicyclist that have lost their lives on the streets.
6:30 start ride toward the David Minor Theater the final destination, where we will be celebrating the life of our loved ones that we have lost.

Click here for the route.

Ride of SilenceMany people and in many countries will be riding on this day in the memory of members of their community that have been killed on the streets while bicycling.

We ride:
To honor those killed or injured
To raise awareness that we are here
To ask that we all share the road

Mayor Kitty Piercy will address the riders prior to the ride, then we will proceed to read the names of members of our community that have lost their lives while bicycling.

Helmets Required.

Please join me on this ride. I will be riding in memory of my son Vaclav Hajek who was killed by a speeding 16 year old driver in 2007.

Thank you,
Marina Hajek
GEARs Board Member

For more information contact: Marina Hajek 541-221-6087

Riding McKenzie Pass

Mark of Arriving By Bike and I rode and juggled McKenzie pass on Saturday.  It was FULL of people on bikes.  It was also full of us juggling.  It’s pretty melty, so it might open up early this year, go ride it while you can! It’s really melted a lot in the couple weeks since this article.  We took some pictures and filmed the descent.  Enjoy!

Also, someone left a Cocoon bag at the top with stuff in it.  Tell me what that stuff is in a comment so I can give you your bag back.

CycloFemme to Roll In Eugene on Mother’s Day

CycloFemme is a socially-driven grass-roots celebration of women on bikes. We are of a growing community, for a growing community. Our annual Mother’s Day ride unites riders, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or bicycle preference to share in the joy of cycling. Ride with us in Eugene on May 12, 2013 as we Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Empower the Future of Women in Cycling.

Route can be found HERE 

More event details coming soon! If you’d like to be part of the planning team for this and/or help distribute posters and fliers, please post on the event page and let us know!

Visit for more information on the worldwide celebration.

Eugene’s version will have a pretty skirts theme (to be interpreted by you), balloons, cake, and temporary tattoos!

Meet at 1:30PM at the Rose Garden
Start riding at 2:00PM!

Join the Facebook event and get ready to ride.