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Sheldon High Students Crowdfund Bike Parking

Sheldon Bike Parking

A group of Sheldon High School students are taking the task of improving the bike parking at their school into their own hands. Tired of bicycle racks that date back to the 1960’s that do nothing to secure bikes by today’s standards the students have started a fundraising campaign aimed at totally revamping the bike parking area at their school. Filled with mostly old “wheel-bender” racks the students hope to update the parking to more modern “inverted-U” or staple style racks that allow two points of contact and more locking options with modern u-lock systems.

Isaac, one of the students leading the effort, says that students covet the few wave style racks that are in the parking area and they often fill up first. He also says that several bikes have been stolen from the parking area, often because students use cable locks since u-locks don’t work or they only lock the front wheel which is then easily removed and the rest of the bike simply wheeled away.

The students hope that this first phase of funding will allow them to purchase 17 new racks to demonstrate the improved parking area and then move on to eventually fund 70 racks total to update the whole school parking with bike parking that is up to city code as well as more secure and inviting.

To help these students out pledge on their Citizinvestor site (like Kickstarter you aren’t charged unless they reach their goal) then spread the word!

You should start a project and paint Dillard and Fox Hollow

How cool would it be if someone, maybe you, spearhead a project and painted the no-car bike-through section of Dillard right before it meets Fox Hollow?  Dillard is practically a bike path, and this section is car free and is a very popular bike route between South Hilyard and Fox Fox Hollow. You should paint it and turn it into a park. Yes, you.  You know you wanted a project that brought more art into the city.  This doesn’t even require you closing the street!


Portland did it!  We can’t let them keep showing us up!

Unicycling Ridgeline and Mt. Baldy

It was nice today.  We did this.  What did you do? Tell the world!

This Saturday: Ninkasi Hosts Bicycle Powered Block Party

Local film maker Terry Holloway has teamed up with the UO Bike Program to host a bicycle powered block party at Ninkasi this weekend.  It will feature local bands and a screening of Holloway’s film “Pedal Power,” which documents last May’s Bicycle Music Festival. The event will also feature the UO Bike Program’s new bicycle powered LED projector, which is 40% more energy efficient than a regular projector.   Of course the sound will be bicycle powered as well.

Read the following Press Release from for more information:

Eugene brewery hosts bicycle powered block party

Local documentary screening and free concert powered by bicycle at Ninkasi Brewery

A scene from "Pedal Power"

Eugene, OR – March 9, 2011– Local artist and filmmaker, Terry Holloway, is holding a screening of his new film titled “Pedal Power” at Ninkasi Brewery on Saturday, April 9th at 7:00 p.m. The 30-minute independent documentary takes a closer look at the emerging bicycle music scene in Eugene, Oregon. The film was shot last summer at the 2010 Bike Music Fest and will be included in a future feature length documentary documenting similar events in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

The show is scheduled to take place Saturday night at Ninkasi Brewery on Van Buren St. from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. The Screening will include a demonstration of new breakthrough technology in bicycle power and a free concert by local Eugene band The Conjugal Visitors. Bring a bike, drink a beer, and power a party!

The Copenhagen ‘Green Wave’

The following is a guest article by Hugh Prichard, who first introduced to me to the concept of the “Green Wave” at the Transportation Remix last November.  I especially like the stats at the end of the article! —- Seager

The Green Wave in Copenhagen is a creative piece of bicycle infrastructure which costs very little but changes the game dramatically.  During both morning and evening rush hour, traffic lights are set so that maintaining a speed of 12 miles per hour means all you will see is green lights for over two and a half kilometers.  A commuting cyclist will never have to put a foot down from the close-in suburbs right into central Copenhagen.
Here’s a view of the Green Wave as it approaches the busiest bicycle intersection in Europe on Nørrebrogade.

From GEARs: Why do YOU care about bikes?

In case you missed this on the GEARs blog, Price is looking to gather as many of these stories as possible.  Read on: — Seager

Why do YOU care about bikes?

By Price Armstrong

If you are reading this article, bicycling is probably important to you – I know it is to me, which is why I am currently the Chair of the Advocacy Committee.  What we are looking for are stories illustrating how bicycle programs and infrastructure have made a difference in your life.  What we are going to do with those stories is use them as compelling examples to elected officials on why we need their support.

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How Letting Price Armstrong Fix Your Bike Can Save The World

What’s a title without a little hyperbole? Boring, I say!

I interned in the legislature and in Peter DeFazio’s Eugene District Office, not to mention being President of the UO Transportation and Livability group LiveMove and the Vice President of GEARs.  I have a lot of experience as an advocate, and I am hoping that the Eugene-Springfield community of bicyclists will help me put those skills to work.  – Price Armstrong

But this hyperbole is sort of accurate – if your definition of “saving the world” includes sending a well-trained  advocate to The National Bike Summit in Washington DC to represent the advocacy wing of GEARs – He’s a modern-day superhero on a mission to help save Safe Routes to School and Transportation Enhancement Funding, and to help strengthen GEARs relationships with other advocacy organizations and help take Eugene to the next level (platinum) for biking.

Who am I taking about?  GEARs Advocacy Committee Chair Price Armstrong, of course! Unfortunately, attending this conference is expensive; while Price was awarded free airfare to the conference, he still needs to raise $375 to pay for registration and other expenses.  Luckily Price is also an experienced mechanic, and is raising money by offering bike tune-ups for a suggested donation of $40.  Since we’re half-way through the winter, and I can hear most of the bikes out on the trails before I see them, I’d think many of you might want to take Price up on his offer.  Don’t put this off, Price has less than 5 weeks to raise the money, and many of your beloved rides need help long before that (this is also really cheap!).

Price has written an article for the GEARs blog explaining the GEARs Advocacy committee, which you can read here.  Please take the jump to read in Price’s own words how you can, and why you should,  send him to The National Bike Summit.

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Eugene’s Bicycling Champions Slideshow

The parade this morning was a lot of fun, and there was a great turnout from Eugene Safe Routes to School, GEARs, The UO Bike Program, Kidical Mass, Burley, and probably a slew of other groups that I didn’t realize were there.  There were so many kids under 6 on bikes that Rep. Greenlick would have been very concerned (just kidding, that bill’s toast).

A Flickr group has been created for the event.  You can add your own photos here and view the slideshow below!

(singing) Oh IIII Love a Parade!

In case you haven’t heard, there is a sweet parade going on this Saturday to celebrate the Ducks’ historic season.  Local cyclists have created an entry in the parade called “Eugene’s Bicycling Champions” to celebrate Eugene’s recent Gold rating by the League of American Bicyclists, and to showcase our march towards Platinum.  There are also supposed to be tons of kids on bikes.  Y’all are invited to join!  I’ll sure be there, but probably riding a unicycle and throwing and catching stuff.

After the jump there are details on where to go when and what-whoozit. But first, I’ve been told to put my own “flair” on this post.  Generally, that’s a dangerous thing to ask me to do – but since it’s late, and after a day of work and class, I’ll only punish y’all with a little flair:

Watch this entire video about elephants on parade or you hate fun.  Then take the jump and read the details.

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