Bike Education Fleet Maintenance

The Safe Routes to School bike fleet maintenance night is this Thursday!
The Eugene-Springfield SRTS program is having our fall bike fleet maintenance night and you can come help!  We will be servicing a fleet of bicycles to prepare for this fall’s Bicycle Safety Education programs in the schools across the region. Please come out and help if you are able!
Bike Fleet Maintenance (all levels of bike mechanic skills encouraged to come) and FREE Café Yumm food!

You can help play an integral part in preparing our bikes to teach over 1,500 students Bike Safety Education traffic skills as part of PE class this school year across Eugene and Springfield.

When: Thursday, Sep 11, 2014 6pm – 9pm
Where: UO OP Bike Barn (18th and University)

Please drop Zane an email to let him know you’ll be coming: Zane.S.Wheeler (at) ci.eugene.or (dot) us

UO Mobile Repair Trike with tools and stand (photo by Alexander Hongo)
UO Mobile Repair Trike with tools and stand (photo by Alexander Hongo)

Things to See In Eugene While Visiting On Bike

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.49.10 PM

This weekend we have our annual Kidical Mass family bike camping trip and we have a family coming up from Sacramento to join us (Hi Elle!!).  When asked about things to see and do in Eugene in her couple of days before the trip I decided I should write a post about it and get other’s input too. So here are some of my suggestions. Add yours in the comments and I’ll work them into the post to use as a reference for others. This will be mostly focused on families wanting to bike around Eugene. Speaking of which, did you catch that article in Bicycle Times a few months ago titled “The Search for Neverland” about a families bike visit in Eugene? Highly recommended.

Here, in no particular order, are some suggestions for places to see and things to do for families visiting Eugene by bike:

If you’re here on the third Saturday of the month you have to join us for Kidical Mass!

Stop by CAT. The Center for Appropriate Transport can be like a toy shop for both adults and kids who like bikes. They have a rideable museum where you can check out various bikes and take them for a spin around the neighborhood and down to the river path. They also have a DIY shop to fine tune your machines. Good place to top off the air and do your ABC Quick Checks…you do know the ABC Quick Check, right?!  Just be sure you don’t let the kids run back into the powder coating/welding/machine shop area. ..though the bathroom is back in that direction.  Plug the kids into a bike movie and check out all the cool resources.

Explore the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path system. This is a give me and a must. Here’s a map (pdf). Many of the following places can be found riding along or near the path:

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.03.18 PM Continue reading “Things to See In Eugene While Visiting On Bike”

Bikes and Track Coming Together in Eugene

I’ve often thought there are a lot of ways that people on bikes benefit from being part of “Track Town USA”.  People running and biking are using “active transportation” and whether along our streets or on our off-street paths we all want respect out on our public right-of-ways and whether we’re out getting from point A to point B or out recreating we all win with better personal health and a more livable community.

This week the International Association of Athletics Foundations (IAAF) World Junior Championship has arrived in Eugene. The six-day meet, which is coming to the U.S. for the first time in history, will be held July 22-27. It features competition between the world’s best track and field athletes under the age of 20. There are more than 1,500 athletes from 175 countries represented. I’ve already seen some of them out exploring Eugene, walking along the river and even riding bikes around.

Part of the events goals are to reduce emissions by becoming the first carbon neutral IAAF championship event.  All event operations at Hayward Field will be powered by 100% carbon free GreenPower from EWEB and all event travel emissions in Oregon will be neutralized through a third-party carbon offset provider.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 1.57.06 PMAthletes and fans will be engaged in sustainability through a “We Can!” booth at the event, where they can participate in a Sustainability Scavenger Hunt and earn a commemorative Oregon 2014 medallion made from reclaimed wood from local sources. The booth will also be powered by Pedal Power!!

As the  City of Eugene’s Waste Prevention Manager  Ethan Nelson puts it, “a majority of people pay attention to sport, it is where our highest ideals of our self and community are embodied. When we collectively work together to create an ‘ecosystem’ that carries an event’s activities out into the community and vice versa, we are really creating a better world for future generations.”

So what the heck does this have to do with biking in Eugene?! Well one of the stops on the Sustainability Scavenger Hunt is the University of Oregon Bike Program at the UO Outdoor Program Barn (at 18th & University) and they need some volunteers!  They’ll be doing flat fix repairs and some interactive bike crafts and could use some help from the local bike community. It’s a great opportunity to see the action around Hayward field and introduce people from around the world to our awesome cycling scene.   If you’d like to help out please email Briana (borr (at) uoregon (dot) edu) and let her know when you can lend a hand.

UO Bike Program Unveils Repair Trike

To celebrate Earth Week, and to continue in their great program growth, the University of Oregon’s Bike Program is unveiling their new “Mobile Repair Trike” today.  The trike is a collaboration of the Center for Appropriate Transportation (CAT), the Student Sustainability Coalition, and the UO Bike Program.

UO Mobile Repair Trike (photo by Alexander Hongo)
UO Mobile Repair Trike (photo by Alexander Hongo)

The three-wheeled bike features a metal box integrated into the handlebars. The lid of the box slides to one side to serve as a worktable. When extended, a pegboard full of tools slides up within the mechanic’s reach. A lower compartment can store three collapsible bike stands. The tricycle itself is made to haul heavy loads while still being comfortable for any rider. Other nice features include an Alfine 8-speed internal hub and Avid Disc Brakes with a lock setting for parking.

Matt Keller, UO Bike Program Lead Mechanic said, “It will allow us to work on a lot of bikes where they are, so we don’t have to move them.”  This will be particularly important, he says, when the UO Bike share system is online. That bike share system has been delayed with contract negotiations but is speculated to open sometime over the next year (hopefully soon…).

The Mobile Repair Trike will also be used for free repair events on campus and in the community, according to Keeler, like the one happening today from 10 AM – 4 PM across from Lillis Business School on 13th Avenue. Students and community members can stop by with their bikes to have a free safety check from Bike Program staff and volunteers. Anyone stopping will also be able to take a look at the new Mobile repair bike up close and learn more about the UO Bike Program. Continue reading “UO Bike Program Unveils Repair Trike”

Cargo Bike Fair, Disaster Relief Trial, & Fiets of Parenthood!

EugeneDRT13Last year over 100 people came out for the Cargo Bike Roll Call, a show-and-tell of utility biking for Eugene. From errand running family bikes to mobile canning stations there is a huge diversity of cool ways to move ourselves and our things around our community. This year we’re expanding the event to include the Disaster Relief Trials (DRT), a cargo bike race designed to help demonstrate the abilities of bikes in disaster situations. Through a partnership with the City and University Emergency Management programs and our local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) cargo bike riders will demonstrate how bikes can help in response to a disaster. The riders plan and navigate a course of their choosing through the city, to designated check points with fully loaded bikes. At each check point riders will encounter obstacles or have tasks to assist response teams.

While the riders are completing the course, the Cargo Bike Fair and a “Fiets of Parenthood” will be held. The Cargo Bike Fair will be a great place to show off and see cargo bikes and gear as well as to see various emergency preparedness supplies and resources. The Fiets of Parenthood is a fun-filled competition for parents to flaunt (and practice) their family biking skills. The race will include: the dropped toy turnaround, groceries & a growler grab-n-go, a slalom, and other feats cargo biking families face. Bonus points for number of kids on the bike so bring your friends along!

All events will take place at the South Eugene High School parking lot from 11am-4pm. The DRT will start at Noon. Fiets of Parenthood is from 12:30-2:00pm.

Join the fun: Register to ride, have a booth, volunteer (get free stuff), sponsor the event, or just spread the word and come!


This event is also a fundraiser for Food for Lane County who serves a current community issue that needs relief: Hunger.

Organizing partners include: Pedal Power Music,City of Eugene Emergency Services, UO Emergency Management, 4j SRTS, CERT

Sponsors include: Epicenter, DLX- Deployed Logix, Norwest Safety, Cabela’s, Green Cycle Services, Bike Friday, Arriving by Bike, Xtracycle, point2point Solutions, Oakshire, Feeny Wireless, and Adkins Chiropractic & Wellness


Volunteer for Bike Safety Education Fleet Maintenance

It’s back to school time and the Eugene-Springfield Safe Routes to School Program is gearing up by getting our bike safety education fleets in good working order for the year. This year we’ll be teaching hundreds of students our 10-hour “bike drivers-ed” class and our fleets get a lot of use and abuse. We depend on volunteers and the support of the local bike industry to keep these bikes on the road and under kids bottoms.

Come volunteer this Wednesday, 6:30-9:00 pm at the UO Outdoor Program Barn (1225 E. 18 Ave.). We’ll have work for all skill levels. We’ll also have pizza. Drop us an email if you can to help us figure logistics or just show up and lend a hand!


How To Tow a Bike With Your Xtracycle (or similar longtail)

They are slack here.  They only tighten when turning.
Towing a bike? WHAT?!? (straps are optional)

Many of us Xtracycle riders have towed other bikes using the “bag and drag” method (the front wheel of the rear bike simply strapped in a freeloader bag), but I’m sick of that.  I loan bikes out often enough that I want a more elegant solution, so I came up with my own take on the “front hub/fork” method.  I figured I’d post it here in case some of you would like to try it.  The uses include loaning bikes out, bike polo / mtb biking, kids bikes,  and getting your tired riding partners home if they bonk (or are too drunk to ride).

Supplies (about $15-16, I bought mine at the True Value right by Arriving by Bike):

  • 1 old quick release front hub (not figured into the cost)
  • Slotted Angle Iron (about 5 bucks) that you cut to about the width of the rear free-radical bar
  • 4 U-Bolts (about $1.50 each) – two that fit the V-racks and two that fit the hub.
  • 3 hose clamps (I always have these around for bike stuff, about $1.50 each)
  • Grease, hacksaw, fixed wrench, screw driver

This only took about an hour to do.  I hope the pictures are self-explanatory.  Two hose clamps hold the hub back against the angle iron and the third holds the angle iron down on the cross bar.  Two of the U-bolts attach the angle iron to the V-rack holders (the main strength) and the other two attached the hub down on the angle iron.  You may have to modify this a bit if you have the new bag attachment system with the nubs on the V-rack holders instead of straps.

I recommend using the stabilizer straps to the handle bars that I have shown in the picture.  The tow bike tends to want to fall down when you turn sharply without them (but they probably are optional).  With them, the rear wheel of the tow bike lifts rather than having the tow bike fall.  Keep them mostly slack when attaching them, as tightening them only flexes your frame (in a scary way) and lifts the back wheel of the tow bike up.  They’ll tighten on their own as you turn sharply.

Have Fun, click on any picture for a slideshow.  I’m open to suggestions as well!




New Cycle Pub to Ride the Streets of Eugene!

Pacific Pub Cycle Logo

It’s been more than a year of red tape, planning, and preparation but a Eugene cycle pub is finally going to be rolling down the streets starting this week! Bend and Portland have had similar operations up and running for a couple of years and now, starting August 1st, Eugene will start to see the Pacific Pub Cycle  rolling the streets of Eugene doing brewery tours of Whiteaker area brew pubs.



It started with a group of friends who fell in love with the idea after seeing it in Bend. They had their own 14 passenger pub cycle built there and brought it over to our side of the mountains (they also operate it in Corvallis).  They are partnering with the 5th Street Market to bring groups of friends celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or Eugene’s glorious Summer weather on pub crawls from the Market down to the various breweries in the Whitaker to sample local microbrews.

It will be great to see this human-powered pub rolling through town; a great combo of bikes, beer, community, and fun!

Calling All Superheroes! Sunday Streets Needs Volunteers!

sunday_streets_130This summer marks the third year of Eugene Sunday Streets, a free event that focuses on building community and promoting active lifestyles. On Sunday, July 21st and September 8th, from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM, people will be able to walk, roll, and dance in the streets along a car-free route. The first event will be held in Downtown Eugene and the second event will be held in the Bethel Neighborhood.

Eugene Sunday Streets still needs over 100 volunteers for the July 21st event to make it safe and fun for everyone. Intersection Superheroes are especially needed.  Intersection Superheroes help direct traffic flow, answer questions, redirect neighborhood traffic, and set up or take down barricades at their designated intersection. There are two shifts available: 10:45 AM to 2:00 PM and 1:45 to 4:30 PM. If you are interested in volunteering, please go to to sign up or call the Eugene Sunday Streets Volunteer Coordinator at 541-501-0356.


Sunday Streets Downtown is presented by the City of Eugene, in partnership with the first ever TrackTown City Center Mile and fast-paced Rolf Prima Downtown Criterium bicycle race from 7am – noon, presented by dark30 sports. Kesey Square and Monroe Park will feature major activity centers along the route. The Summer in the City activity center in Kesey Square will include a beer garden, public art unveiling, obstacle course, and pedal powered music stage. Local businesses will also be providing free samples and specials on the day of the event. Monroe Park will feature Eugene Yoga classes, children’s Burley MyKick push-bike races, circus arts and gymnastics for all ages, and live musical performances by Water Tower, the North Eugene Ukulele Orchestra, RevelleveR, and Kudana marimba group.

With no designated start or finish, the two-way car-free route can be enjoyed by foot, bicycle, roller skates, or dancing at everyone’s own pace. The event is designed to get the entire community outside, having fun and enjoying healthy activities in Eugene’s public spaces while showing how easy it is to get around by human-powered transportation.

To volunteer or learn more about Eugene Sunday Streets please go to or call 541-501-0356.


Help Provide Bicycling for the Blind

tandem cyclists
We are looking for some folks who would like to do some piloting for a tandem bike program for the blind at the City of Eugene Hilyard Community Center. Strong biking skills is an asset. Experience piloting a tandem is not a requirement, because we will train you. If interested or if you have any questions contact —– at 541-682-5311.
Your assistance will be very much appreciated.
T. Andy Fernandez, CTRS, CPRP
Section Manager, Senior/Adult & Adaptive Recreation Services
City of Eugene – Library, Recreation & Cultural Services
2580 Hilyard Street
Eugene, OR 97405
541.682.6306 Direct