PeaceHealth Rides is Hiring

Cascadia Mobility (operating under the umbrella of Forth Mobility Fund) is the new operator of our PeaceHealth Rides bike share program in Eugene.  As they take operations over from the City of Eugene, who has been operating the system since June of last year, they are looking for a new Community Outreach Manager and two new field technician.

You can find out more about the positions at:

JUMP Hiring Field Technician

JUMP, the operator of Eugene’s PeaceHealth Rides bike share system, is hiring a Field Technician (FT). The Field Technician is responsible for collecting and distributing bikes throughout the JUMP service area. The primary goal of the FT is to efficiently collect and distribute bikes to maximize bike availability. The FT is responsible for safely and efficiently navigating a large van in dense urban areas to optimize the number of bikes picked up and collected. The FT is also responsible for performing routine maintenance and safety checks on the bikes. Finally, the FT is responsible for responding to dispatch, investigating outlying bike issues and reporting to the Operations Manager.

About JUMP:

JUMP operates Eugene’s latest addition of sustainable transportation. PeaceHealth Rides offers 300 public bikes available 24/7 to pick up and drop off at hubs all around Eugene. A collaboration between the City of Eugene, Lane Transit District, University of Oregon, and PeaceHealth, will provide an active transportation alternative making biking in Eugene easier than ever.

For more information see their online job posting.

Bike Share Launch Moved to Spring & Sponsorship Announcement Coming Later This Year

When Eugene received the grant for a bike share program back in 2015 the plan was to open by this Fall. Last week the City of Eugene, Social Bicycles, and other partner agencies, Lane Transit District (LTD) and the University of Oregon, announced that the launch date has been extended to the Spring of 2018. The move was approved by ODOT, the grant agency for the $909,000 ConnectOregon funding that is being used to purchase equipment for the project.

Last Spring the partner agencies announced Social Bicycles as the contractor who will run the Eugene project. Since then they have launched a EugeneBikeShare site, hired station siting coordinators, collected input on station locations, organized a community “sounding board” and earlier this summer hired Lindsey Hayward as the General Manager.

Eugene Bike Share website with current draft station map
Eugene Bike Share website with current draft station map

Along with the announcement on the delayed opening was confirmation that a title sponsor has been found for the bike share system. Continue reading “Bike Share Launch Moved to Spring & Sponsorship Announcement Coming Later This Year”

Eugene Bike Share – Where Should Bike Share Stations be Located?

Via City of Eugene InMotion:

Bike Share Graphic BannerOn Monday, May 1st, there was a kickoff event for May is Bike Month which included an opportunity to discuss station locations for Eugene Bike Share.  The meeting was held at the Broadway Commerce Center and there was free pizza for all attendees.  Mayor Vinis also took the opportunity to announce that the city proclaimed “May is Bike Month”!

If you could not make the meeting or would like to provide additional input on where bike share stations should be located in the community, please log on to and follow the map instructions.  You can also use the Social Cyclist app ( on your smartphone to select locations.  Data will be collected on station locations until May 31st.  Eugene Bike Share will launch in fall of this year.
Please contact Reed Dunbar, with any questions.

Bike Share Open House & May is Bike Month Kick-off

Bike Month KickoffAn open house for Eugene Bike Share will be held in conjunction with the kick off of “May is Bike Month” next Monday, May 1st from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Broadway Commerce Center (44 W Broadway).

Participants will be able to interact with the bike share vendor and will be able to discuss possible bike share station locations. The open house will also preview the program for May is Bike Month and showcase events happening this summer for people who walk and bike, including Eugene Sunday Streets.

On May 1st, Social Bicycles, the vendor for Eugene Bike Share, will officially launch online content to crowdsource station locations and announce updates for the launch of the Eugene system scheduled for fall 2017. Social Bicycles is currently operating in 18 locations in North America including the recently launched BIKETOWN system in Portland, Oregon.

Beyond highlighting possible bike share station locations there will be free pizza, valet bike parking (in Kesey Square), and a raffle for a free bike share annual pass!
Join the Facebook event and spread the word.
For more information on Eugene Bike Share see Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.56.27 AM

May is Bike Month 2017

It’s about that time of year again, time to ride even more! May is going to be a GREAT month for biking in Eugene and Springfield. It’s a good time for fair-weather cyclists to roll those steads out of the garage and for everyone who rides bikes to celebrate together. With over 30 bike rides and events happening during Bike Month it’s the perfect time to try out something new! Usually ride for recreation? Try out commuting! Casual cyclist who only rides for errands? Try a longer recreational ride! Want to get your kids riding more? We’ve got events for you! Come ride with us in May.

May is Bike Month Logos Together
A special thanks to the organizers and supporters of May is Bike Month. Along with WeBikeEugene volunteers and community members these partners help make this month of events come together and happen!

Bike Month Highlights

For a calendar of Bike Month of the 30+ events click hereMore events added as submissions come in. See how many you can do! Scroll below for complete descriptions of each event.

Continue reading “May is Bike Month 2017”

City of Eugene puts out call for bike-share proposals

Eugene has officially put out the call for an organization to launch a bike share system in the city by fall 2017. A “request for proposals” is live on the city website, and responses are due by March 8.

“The City of Eugene, in coordination with Lane Transit District and the University of Oregon, is interested in developing a modern bike share system from the university campus through downtown Eugene,” the posting reads.

The city has $1.2 million available to pay for the bikes and other costs of building and launching the system. The money comes from two grants, one awarded to the city and the other to University of Oregon.

Eugene Associate Transportation Planner Reed Dunbar, who put together the request for proposals, has said the city is trying to cast a broad net for ideas on what the system would look like and how it would operate.

Bike share is operating in hundreds of metro areas around the world, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

While older forms of bike share rely on fixed stations where users pick up and return bikes, some systems now use “self-locking” bikes that can be left anywhere within a certain service area, more akin to the Car2Go system that operated for a while in Eugene.

The scope of bike share in Eugene won’t be known until a proposal is selected, but a feasibility study (15MB PDF) completed in 2014 that led up to the grant and current request for proposals suggested a phased implementation focused on the university and central neighborhoods.

This is a scenario from a 2014 feasibility study showing how bike share might be built out in Eugene, but the scope of the eventual system will depend more on proposals yet to come.
This is a scenario from a 2014 feasibility study showing how bike share might be built out in Eugene, but the scope of the eventual system will depend more on proposals yet to come.

The city’s current call for proposals also asks that they “identify a business plan to fund operations” of the system once it is built and launched.

Typically, the ongoing operation of bike-share systems is funded by some combination of user fees, government subsidies and sponsorship deals. New York City’s Citibike, for instance, is sponsored by Citibank. And Nike recently signed on to sponsor the upcoming Portland bike share.

Eugene plans to put out a separate request for proposals for sponsorship of Eugene bike share.