Knickerbocker Bridge Closure

The City of Eugene posted the following road construction advisory:

South Bank Path (Knickerbocker Bridge to Walnut Street): The South Bank Path is closed for construction between Walnut Street and Knickerbocker Bridge until mid-November. Path users should travel on the North Bank Path and the Autzen Bridge. The old path is being replaced with new concrete and will be slightly realigned. The Knickerbocker Bridge will receive new railing.

Mapping Where People Bike

I saw this for Portland at lunch today. It’s pretty cool and also has data for Eugene.

I found it striking that very few bikes ride on Willamette and almost nobody rides on Portland Street, (in Eugene and in spite of the attention that it gets as an alternative to the Willamette redesign).

My real reaction to this data is “finally something that resembles real data”.


Click the link above the picture to pan and zoom to your heart’s content and enjoy exploring where others are biking!

New to UofO and down a bike?

Just a reminder to all the returning college students: This is not a safe environment to leave your bike! Ideally, bikes should be indoors at night and locked up with a u-lock during the day. Cable locks alone are useless.

If you live around the Courtside Apartments and your bike came up missing this morning, you might want to check the homeless camp on the tracks upstream and behind the Holiday Inn. This morning (5:40am) I saw a guy walking past Dutch Bros. on Franklin toward the river with two bikes. They didn’t look like his.

Upcoming Pearl Street Closure

Signs are up on Pearl Street between 18th & 19th indicating it will be closed for two weeks starting this coming Monday. Apparently they suggest that we divert to Mill Street if we are heading south, although I’m planning on using the sidewalks if I can.


Performance Bike Shop

Looks like we’re about to get a big box bike shop. I’ve been to the one in Portland and doubt I’ll be using them for much other than what I already mail order. As a side note, they say they are accepting applications.


McKenzie Pass

McKenzie Pass open to bikes!

I did this with my family last spring and the kids loved it. It’s a big climb and can get pretty cold, but it’s one of a kind.