No Turning Back: A City Club Report on Bicycle Transportation in Portland

The City Club of Portland has produced a report on Bicycle Transportation in Portland.  You can read it at

Portland and Eugene are similar in some ways, different in others–but this is an interesting review of the state of bike transportation from a group that is outside the “usual suspects” of bike advocates and professional transportation planners.

Whether you agree with their recommendations or not, it is impressive that City Club spent a full year doing a lot of research and analysis of the role of bicycling in Portland.  There’s some great information, and some food for thought.  The report leaves little doubt that bicycling is not a fringe activity for the young, the fit, and the crazies–it’s a valuable resource that the city can’t afford NOT to invest in.  Take a look!Image

Webinar Wednesday at Noon: What Bikeways Go Where?

Cycle Track?  Sharrows?  Bike Boulevard?  Bike Lane?

Come learn about how to know what type of bikeway is best for a particular situation. These Webinars are free and open to all.

NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide Webinar Series
Bikeway Design in Context: Determining the right facility for the right street
Wednesday, June 5 | 12:00 to 1:15 p.m.
City of Eugene Engineering Wells Fargo 4th Floor Lyle Conference Room
99 E. Broadway at Broadway and Oak

Bikeway Design in Context: As bikeway design options have multiplied and evolved, the decision-making process for practitioners has become increasingly complex. What kinds of streets are best suited to cycle tracks? When should an engineer use a buffered bike lane rather than a conventional bike lane? Are shared lane markings appropriate for busy streets or only on local roads? This session will analyze the decision-making process that different cities go through when answering such questions, looking beyond speed and ADT to consider elements as varied as context, parking, transit routes and street width.

Joshua Benson, Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Director, New York City Department of Transportation
Nathan Wilkes, Associate Traffic Engineer, Neighborhood Connectivity Division, City of Austin

Lee Shoemaker
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
City of Eugene Public Works
99 E. Broadway, Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401-3174
Voice:  541-682-5471
Fax:  541-682-5598

Little Things that Matter

While many of us are focused on the prospect of major improvements in Eugene’s bikeway network, like Willamette Street or a 13th Avenue cycle track, we should also keep our eyes on very small links that can make riding a bike either safe and convenient, or clumsy and aggravating.  One example of broken link was just pointed out to me

Between Willamette Street and Hilyard, 30th Avenue is a quiet little residential street. It was recently extended eastward to dead-end about two feet shy of a new path connecting to the Amazon Park Path (across from Albertson’s, just south of the underpass). But where there should be a ramp that would allow you to ride directly onto the path, there is instead a solid curb.  If you want to reach the path that’s right in front of you, you either carry your bike up the curb, or make an awkward 90-degree turn onto a narrow wheelchair ramp 15-feet earlier.

This is crazy–and the sort of tiny little connection that makes a big difference.  Check it out–and let the Public Works Department know that we expect better bikeway connections than this.  Image

Help Provide Bicycling for the Blind

tandem cyclists
We are looking for some folks who would like to do some piloting for a tandem bike program for the blind at the City of Eugene Hilyard Community Center. Strong biking skills is an asset. Experience piloting a tandem is not a requirement, because we will train you. If interested or if you have any questions contact —– at 541-682-5311.
Your assistance will be very much appreciated.
T. Andy Fernandez, CTRS, CPRP
Section Manager, Senior/Adult & Adaptive Recreation Services
City of Eugene – Library, Recreation & Cultural Services
2580 Hilyard Street
Eugene, OR 97405
541.682.6306 Direct

GEARs Social Gathering Tonight at Bier Stein, 6 p.m.

It’s a pretty rainy day–so how about just TALKING about bicycling, instead of riding?!  Come to the GEARs Social Gathering tonight (Tuesday, May 21) from 6 to 8 p.m.

The Bier Stein

1591 Willamette St.

Eugene, Or. 97405

This is a great chance to talk with those people you never get to talk to because you’re out of breath from trying to keep up with them on a ride–and to meet some new folks. Open to all!