Moonlight Mash; Ride Long & Prosper on Friday

Moonlight Mash Ride Long

Space; the final frontier…These are the voyages of the starship Moonlight Mash. It’s ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no ride has gone before!

Moonlight Mash is a social celebration of people on bicycles, under the light of the full moon. This moon’s theme is the first in a two-part sci-go series. Remember this is a night ride alert riding, a hip vibe, and headlights are required. Taillights, helmets, and boom boxes are all good ways to earn bonus points.

Remember, this is not critical mass, this is not the ’80s; its Eugene in the new millennium! We are not anti-car; we are pro-bike! Act as a proud and responsible ambassador. Stop at red and yellow lights; even stop at green lights if you think you’re going to leave others behind. If you’re the first through a 4-way stop, stop! Wave a car or two through and wait for more riders to gather behind you, and ride through the intersection together as a group. Smile. Do not ride on the sidewalk or cross the middle of a two-way road. Wave! On a one-way road, leave one lane open for motor traffic. Ring your bell. Slow down at the front. Honk your horn. Speed up at the back. Howl at the moon. Signal turns and stops. Shout “Moonlight Mash!” Don’t weave or cut off other riders. Smile.

Big B.A.D.

The UO Bike Program‘s most recent Bicycle Appreciation Day (BAD) was a big success. We hauled a full set of tools, six collapsible stands, two tables, two pumps, and four people from the Barn to 13th Ave. next to Lillis Hall. Bike Program staff, Outdoor Program staff, volunteers, and mechanics from Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life performed free minor repairs on dozens of bikes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We also distributed an informational zine we made, free lights from the Oregon Department of Transportation Safety Division, and coffee from Holy Cow.

An interesting difference from past BADs: many bicyclists hoisted their steeds into the stands themselves in order to mount their free lights, and soon were performing some of their own maintenance, transforming the scene into an inspiring show of do-it-yourselfersim.

BAD also received mention in the Oregon Daily Emerald and this message from UO VP for Student Affairs Robin Holmes:

I walked by the Bike Appreciation Day booth yesterday and it seemed to be a rousing success!! I am continually impressed with the Bike Loan program and am excited to help in any way to assist this program to grow and be even more successful. You are all doing a wonderful job and providing a very important service to our university community. Keep up the good work and thanks!

Coming up next from the UO Bike Program: bike-powered stage for the Willamette Valley Music Fest on Saturday, May 8.