Volunteer For Bike Safety Education Classes

School has started and local kids (and bike safety education instructors) need your help to make the community rides a success.

The 4J, Springfield, and Bethel School District Safe Routes to School programs are hosting the City of Eugene River House to teach Bike Safety classes in select 5th and 6th grade classrooms throughout each district. The program includes in-class teaching, on campus riding drills, and off campus community rides. Volunteers are needed to ride with students on the final two days of the program to help maintain a safe environment.
Bike_Safety_(7)There are rides Thursday and Friday, morning and afternoon, starting this week and continuing through mid-November. Visit the SignUp.com site for schools and dates or call 541-682-6321 for more info.

The Jane Higdon Memorial Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation is a major sponsor of the Eugene-Springfield Bicycle Safety Education Program.

Author: Shane Rhodes

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