Welcome to the Willamette Wiggle!

They are still finishing up the painting as well as the traffic diverter at 20th ave. but in this video you can see the brand new “wiggle” the city installed for northbound cyclists on Willamette to get you from 20th and Willamette around to Willamette and 17th. It’s certainly not as clean as a straight shot down Willamette if it was two way like the rest of Willamette and I’m sure many folks will still elect to take the east side sidewalk. However, for those who don’t want to deal with that more dangerous (and unrecommended) sidewalk ride there is now a better option!

You’ll see a new bike box at 18th & Oak that is used but is not complete as the green colorant is not down yet.

Get ready to ride the Willamette Wiggle:

Author: Shane Rhodes

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