Cargo Bike Fair, Disaster Relief Trial, & Fiets of Parenthood!

EugeneDRT13Last year over 100 people came out for the Cargo Bike Roll Call, a show-and-tell of utility biking for Eugene. From errand running family bikes to mobile canning stations there is a huge diversity of cool ways to move ourselves and our things around our community. This year we’re expanding the event to include the Disaster Relief Trials (DRT), a cargo bike race designed to help demonstrate the abilities of bikes in disaster situations. Through a partnership with the City and University Emergency Management programs and our local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) cargo bike riders will demonstrate how bikes can help in response to a disaster. The riders plan and navigate a course of their choosing through the city, to designated check points with fully loaded bikes. At each check point riders will encounter obstacles or have tasks to assist response teams.

While the riders are completing the course, the Cargo Bike Fair and a “Fiets of Parenthood” will be held. The Cargo Bike Fair will be a great place to show off and see cargo bikes and gear as well as to see various emergency preparedness supplies and resources. The Fiets of Parenthood is a fun-filled competition for parents to flaunt (and practice) their family biking skills. The race will include: the dropped toy turnaround, groceries & a growler grab-n-go, a slalom, and other feats cargo biking families face. Bonus points for number of kids on the bike so bring your friends along!

All events will take place at the South Eugene High School parking lot from 11am-4pm. The DRT will start at Noon. Fiets of Parenthood is from 12:30-2:00pm.

Join the fun: Register to ride, have a booth, volunteer (get free stuff), sponsor the event, or just spread the word and come!


This event is also a fundraiser for Food for Lane County who serves a current community issue that needs relief: Hunger.

Organizing partners include: Pedal Power Music,City of Eugene Emergency Services, UO Emergency Management, 4j SRTS, CERT

Sponsors include: Epicenter, DLX- Deployed Logix, Norwest Safety, Cabela’s, Green Cycle Services, Bike Friday, Arriving by Bike, Xtracycle, point2point Solutions, Oakshire, Feeny Wireless, and Adkins Chiropractic & Wellness


Author: Shane Rhodes

Contributor & co-editor. Papa. Active Transportation Professional. Supporter of all the BEST things...