Stolen Bike- Xtracycle

We don’t have a Stolen Bikes page like BikePortland so I’m going to put this one up here. I know Eugene has a well earned reputation as a bike theft capitol so maybe we should set up that page.

Remember, most important piece is prevention . The second most important thing is to make recovery easier- REGISTER YOUR BIKE. The Eugene Police Department now makes it easy to do this online so there’s no excuse. If you register your bike it is much more likely you will get it back. Also, take good pictures, write down all the information, and keep records about all your bikes.

Now for the latest stolen bike. This is from Kurt in Eugene. Email him if you have information:

Stolen Bike: Red MB-2 with Xtracycle FreeRadical. Red saddle bags with a red  “cushie” seat cover. Left side saddle pack is torn and top flap latch broken (tied shut). Front wheel hub lamp. Front wheel black while rear chrome. No toe clips. Can barely read MB 2 on tubing. Stolen Sunday from the U of O law library.
This picture is a bit old so not all the detail are the same:

Email Kurt if you’ve seen this bike.

Author: Shane Rhodes

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