Amazon Path Closure Starts Today

From the City of Eugene. I’ll just add that I wish a bridge connecting Grant st. was on the project list. Would be great to connect that whole Far West neighborhood to the path without having to deal with Chambers! Overall excited to see this area of the Amazon Path get some needed improvements.

A $975,000 project to stabilize and enhance Amazon Creek between Chambers and Garfield streets starts Monday, August 19.

Early in the week a lane on Chambers Street north of 18th Avenue will be closed for approximately one day and traffic will be controlled by flaggers. On Wednesday, the portion of the Fern Ridge multi-use path between Chambers Street and Garfield Park (Hayes Street) will be closed for an extended period of time to allow trucks to haul excess soil away and bring rock into the site. Cyclists and pedestrians will be directed to use a detour route along 15th Avenue.

The section of Amazon Creek from Chambers to Garfield has had erosion problems and creek bank failures. City of Eugene natural resources specialists and engineers have developed this project to stabilize the eroded banks, improve stormwater conveyance and enhance habitat potential.

The creek banks will be stabilized by adding rock at the toe of the slopes at the bend and other areas with high potential for erosion. The creek will be widened on the north side, creating a floodplain bench that will reduce water velocities, provide added capacity and improve habitat potential. More than 13,000 native plants along with wild grass seed mixes will be planted to create a more natural area.

The existing path, which was reconstructed and relocated away from the creek in 2012, will be bridged to protect the concrete surface from the construction traffic.

The bank stabilization work is scheduled for August through early October while creek flows and low. Planting will take place in the fall and winter.

KSH Construction of Keizer, Oregon, was awarded the bid for the project, which is funded by stormwater user fees and stormwater system development charges.

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Amazon Path Closure Map

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  1. I was wondering what they were doing. My initials thoughts are/were “I wish they hadn’t done this at the same time as closing 18th, because I would have much preferred to detour on 18th” and “What kind of damage will heavy trunks do to our new pristine new bike path pavement? Will it crack early? Why not do the bank then the paving? It seems like they swept the floor before wiping the counters, so to speak.”

    I am happy to see the area further restored, but I am very worried about trunks on our new pavement.

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