New Cycle Pub to Ride the Streets of Eugene!

Pacific Pub Cycle Logo

It’s been more than a year of red tape, planning, and preparation but a Eugene cycle pub is finally going to be rolling down the streets starting this week! Bend and Portland have had similar operations up and running for a couple of years and now, starting August 1st, Eugene will start to see the Pacific Pub Cycle  rolling the streets of Eugene doing brewery tours of Whiteaker area brew pubs.



It started with a group of friends who fell in love with the idea after seeing it in Bend. They had their own 14 passenger pub cycle built there and brought it over to our side of the mountains (they also operate it in Corvallis).  They are partnering with the 5th Street Market to bring groups of friends celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or Eugene’s glorious Summer weather on pub crawls from the Market down to the various breweries in the Whitaker to sample local microbrews.

It will be great to see this human-powered pub rolling through town; a great combo of bikes, beer, community, and fun!

Author: Shane Rhodes

Contributor & co-editor. Papa. Active Transportation Professional. Supporter of all the BEST things...