What I heard at last night’s Willamette Street forum

Glad I went to the Willamette Street forum last night, especially since The Register-Guard didn’t bother to report on it in this morning’s paper.

It was interesting to hear the data from the analysis of the different options last night. As the city looks at changing Willamette to three lanes (hopefully with bike lanes added), here’s what the consultants had to say, based on their research and computer modeling and whatnot:

  1. There will naturally be less speeding than there is now.
  2. Expect 10% to 30% fewer collisions than currently (btw, the collision rate is currently about 50% higher than would be expected on a street of this type in Oregon)
  3. Of 16,000 vehicles per day that travel the street, 100 to 500 would divert to other routes, two-thirds of those to Amazon Parkway/Hilyard
  4. During rush hours, it would take about 30 seconds longer on average to travel from 32nd to 24th than it does now. Probably less delay, if any, at less busy times.

I’ve been reading letters to the editor for months now about “gridlock” and mass diversion of traffic to neighborhood side streets if the current four lanes are changed to three. That would not seem to be bourn out by the analysis. It’s had to see anything much bad in this data. I suppose some people will complain about being slowed down by 30 seconds, but if that’s going to make you late for work you probably ought to drag your butt out of bed five minutes earlier.


1 thought on “What I heard at last night’s Willamette Street forum”

  1. Add to the mix the bit about LTD and emergency response (of course in their perfect world everything would be wide fast multi-lanes!), and the whole bit smells of a red herring.

    I’m curious if west 18th is considered dangerous, even though much of it is three lanes plus cycle lanes. Why do people think the west 11th model of streets is best? Is just crazy.

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