Little Things that Matter

While many of us are focused on the prospect of major improvements in Eugene’s bikeway network, like Willamette Street or a 13th Avenue cycle track, we should also keep our eyes on very small links that can make riding a bike either safe and convenient, or clumsy and aggravating.  One example of broken link was just pointed out to me

Between Willamette Street and Hilyard, 30th Avenue is a quiet little residential street. It was recently extended eastward to dead-end about two feet shy of a new path connecting to the Amazon Park Path (across from Albertson’s, just south of the underpass). But where there should be a ramp that would allow you to ride directly onto the path, there is instead a solid curb.  If you want to reach the path that’s right in front of you, you either carry your bike up the curb, or make an awkward 90-degree turn onto a narrow wheelchair ramp 15-feet earlier.

This is crazy–and the sort of tiny little connection that makes a big difference.  Check it out–and let the Public Works Department know that we expect better bikeway connections than this.  Image