CAT Celebrates “20 Years Around the Sun”

The Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) is celebrating 20 years of community service in Lane County at the 20 YEARS AROUND the SUN event this Saturday, May 18th from 1-7pm with:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) workshops to learn to weld and sew;
  • Open shop at Eugene Bicycle Works, Eugene’s only do-it-yourself bike repair shop;
  • Ride-able bike museum, we have pedal powered vehicles for every age and all abilities;
  • Trips for Kid’s mountain bike obstacle course;
  • The history and impact of CAT;
  • Food and more.

This event is open to the public. So ride on down to 455 West 1st Ave. this Saturday and join in the celebration of human powered transportation, hands-on learning, and culture change!


“CAT is an innovative non-profit organization committed to community involvement in manufacturing, using, and advocating sustainable modes of transportation. The Center was founded in Eugene, Oregon in the fall of 1992. Since that time, the sum of our diverse projects has furthered this mission. For more information please visit our website at”

Author: Shane Rhodes

Contributor & co-editor. Papa. Active Transportation Professional. Supporter of all the BEST things...