Sheldon High Students Crowdfund Bike Parking

Sheldon Bike Parking

A group of Sheldon High School students are taking the task of improving the bike parking at their school into their own hands. Tired of bicycle racks that date back to the 1960’s that do nothing to secure bikes by today’s standards the students have started a fundraising campaign aimed at totally revamping the bike parking area at their school. Filled with mostly old “wheel-bender” racks the students hope to update the parking to more modern “inverted-U” or staple style racks that allow two points of contact and more locking options with modern u-lock systems.

Isaac, one of the students leading the effort, says that students covet the few wave style racks that are in the parking area and they often fill up first. He also says that several bikes have been stolen from the parking area, often because students use cable locks since u-locks don’t work or they only lock the front wheel which is then easily removed and the rest of the bike simply wheeled away.

The students hope that this first phase of funding will allow them to purchase 17 new racks to demonstrate the improved parking area and then move on to eventually fund 70 racks total to update the whole school parking with bike parking that is up to city code as well as more secure and inviting.

To help these students out pledge on their Citizinvestor site (like Kickstarter you aren’t charged unless they reach their goal) then spread the word!

Author: Shane Rhodes

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