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Useful Phone Numbers (541)

Maintenance Hotlines
For use when debris hinders the bike lane or path (leaves, broken glass, potholes, etc.)

Online Reporting - Eug
Mobile App - Eug
682-4800 - Eugene
726-3761 - Spfld
744-8080 - ODOT
682-6900 - Lane Co.

Eugene Parking Services
For use when a car is parked in the bike lane during business hours.

682-5729 - Eugene

Police Non-Emergency Number
For use if the above numbers don't work.

682-5111 - Eugene
726-3714 - Spfld


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2 comments to Write for WBE!

  • Sally Hunt

    Bike lane hazard: Bertelsen & 1st Avenue.

    Last year a construction company put asphalt from the curb into the bike lane at First and Bertelson. Well they did it again, this time with gravel to create an “exit” for trucks. This forces cyclists to swerve, possibly out into busy traffic to avoid the mound and the scattered gravel. In addition the gravel is large enough that a bike tire could hit a piece and cause rider and bike to crash. The construction company (Odell Construction) had to remove the asphalt and cut out the curb in accordance with city regulations. The curb cut out is still in place is being used as an entrance to the site. I ride along Bertelsen to work everyday (and during a daily ride at lunchtime).
    Took a photo of the gravel at about 2 pm Friday after I almost crashed due to the loose gravel. It looks like they are trying to keep the gravel contained, which is appreciated, but it still encroaches on the bike lane. I have reported this to the city.

  • I commute through that area off-and-on. Those bike lanes are horribly maintained from a gravel standpoint.