Sept 18th: Eugene Sunday Streets

For Immediate Release (August 26, 2011)

CONTACT: Lindsay Selser, Eugene Sunday Streets Event Coordinator,
Transportation Planning Office, 541-682-5094

Eugene Sunday Streets: New Event Promotes Community, Active Lifestyle

This summer marks the first year of Eugene Sunday Streets, a new, free, community event that focuses on community and promoting an active lifestyle. On Sunday, September 18, from noon to 4 p.m., there will be a traffic-free route that opens the streets for people to walk, roll, and dance through the streets. The route will go along Fifth Avenue from the 5th Street Market downtown to Whiteaker’s Blair District, connecting neighborhoods and local parks.

This will be a fun, free event presented by the City of Eugene. Washington-Jefferson Park and Campbell Community Center will be featured as major activity centers along the route. Activities include live music stages and fitness classes, hula hooping, dancing and much more. With no designated start or finish, the two-way route will be enjoyed by feet, bicycle, roller skate, skateboarding or dancing at everyone’s own pace. The event is designed to get the entire community outside, having fun, enjoying healthy activities in Eugene’s public spaces while showing how easy it is to get around without a car.

Eugene Sunday Streets will highlight the many amenities and local businesses along the route from downtown to the Whiteaker neighborhood. Neighbors are encouraged to limit or postpone driving between noon and 4 p.m. on the day of the event. However there will be a number of designated intersections where residents can access their homes and local businesses.

Eugene Sunday Streets draws much of its inspiration from Bogotá, Colombia, where every Sunday more than 70 miles of roadway are opened as Ciclovías, car-free spaces for people to walk, bike, skate, dance and utilize the roadways in creative and active ways. Cicolovia-type events also are popular in the U.S., where more than 40 communities have some version of these “open streets” events.
Lots of volunteers are needed to make this event a success.

To volunteer or learn more about Eugene Sunday Streets please go to or contact the City of Eugene Transportation Planning Office at 541-682-5094 or

This Isn’t Just a Bike Ride

By Jennifer Hughes


It’s 100 miles of beautiful, backcountry roads and sweeping Willamette Valley landscapes. It’s several hours of unforgettable times with 99 other like-minded cyclists. It’s discovering local farms and enjoying healthy, natural, mouth-watering edibles. And certainly, it’s an event that leaves you feeling proud, healthy, and a little tired

This debut event begins and ends at the Monroe Sharing Gardens on Saturday, September 17, 2011. Throughout your pedaling journey, you will visit four food-producing farms, where you will be spoiled with the best-tasting mid-ride food that comes directly from the farms and local food-producing companies that share this ride’s philosophy: Be healthy! Eat locally!

At the end of your 100-mile excursion, the folks at Monroe Sharing Gardens will greet you with a freshly prepared, catered meal. Live bluegrass music will play in your ears while you share stories with your new friends. And, as our way of saying thank you for participating in this event and supporting local farms, you will head home with a Bounty Bag. (It’s like swag, but better.)

For more information, please visit

Canoe Canal Path Closure

The following is a press release sent in from John Lively with CAWOOD.

The Canoe Canal Path under Interstate 5 will be closed Monday, Aug. 1 through Friday, Aug. 26.

During the closure, path users will be detoured to the reopened North Bank Path through the Willamette River Bridge construction zone. Signs and flaggers will direct path users to the detour.

The closure will allow contractors to lower the walls of the Canoe Canal and make other path changes to prepare for construction of the new northbound I-5 Willamette River Bridge.

The Canoe Canal Path will reopen on Aug. 27, and the North Bank Path under I-5 will once again be closed.