In Which Seager Takes a Hiatus

I’ll post any finished articles and press releases that are sent to me.  Other people are free (and encouraged) to continue writing for the site as well.

I’ve done a lot of thinking, and I’ve decided that I cannot run this site for the time being.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, since I haven’t been updating it or returning WBE-related e-mails.  When I started the site a little over a year ago I had a lot more free time, and I saw a huge need for the site to exist.  I still see the huge need, but I don’t have a lot free time.  I also envisioned the site being a lot of work at first, but then being easy to run with lots of volunteer writers helping.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I don’t blame anyone – I’d rather be riding my bike than writing about bikes, too.

A couple things really brought this to a head.  First, Dave Roth has left Eugene and taken a position up in Vancouver, BC.  I wanted to write a huge story about it and how awesome Dave is, but I didn’t have time.  It was a very important story to write, and I couldn’t do it. Other important stories have also fallen through the cracks,  like the Fern Ridge path likely being fixed this summer, and a debate about bike lanes on South Willamette.  A reader was even hit a by a car and I wasn’t able to write about it.

The second reason, and the most selfish, is that WBE has stopped being fun and started being an obligation.  I was feeling guilt about hiking in the redwoods last weekend instead of writing for WBE.  I almost skipped the EWEB Earth Day party to stay home and write.  I didn’t even do an April Fool’s day post this year.  That’s crazy!  If I have free creative time I need to spend it writing for The GreyMatter Jugglers, not WBE.  I’m sorry, but I can’t do both right now.  I’m looking at a summer with 17 grad credits and every weekend booked with performances.

WBE will still be exist and run, of course.  I’ll post any finished articles and press releases that are sent to me.  Other people are free (and encouraged) to continue writing for the site as well.  I’ll also be putting more time into our twitter account and using that as a news aggregate.  I may even write an article if I feel like it, but I won’t be keeping track of everything in my head.  In short, the site will continue much like is has the last few months, but I won’t feel guilty about it.  I’m looking forward to not feeling guilty.

When I have time again, if I feel like it, I’ll throw a huge part of my life back into this site.  For now I’m going to focus on having adventures.  I’ll see you on the roads and trails.

Author: C-Gir


4 thoughts on “In Which Seager Takes a Hiatus”

  1. Hey Seager,
    You’ve done a fantastic job with this site. It’s been jam-packed with info, interesting, funny, and helpful. Really great writing on your part and a few key contributors. Maybe Shane will take it on. He’s not busy….
    However it works out, your efforts have really helped us see ourselves as a biking community, regardless of what kind of bikes or shoes we have…
    Clown on!

  2. It sux to hear you’re taking a hiatus Mike, but I can certainly understand the need to control your free time. These hobbies that turn into passions have a way of consuming our identity, and you have to be able to walk away if needed so that you can focus on what you enjoy.

    Now, maybe you’ll find time to go on a mountain bike ride!

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