South Bank Path Closed for the Day (now open)

**Update: Path is open. EWEB apologized for the inconvenience and is working to improve outreach**

EWEB has had a change in their construction crew scheduling and has bumped up the timing for a project impacting the riverfront bike path.  The path will be closed TODAY from EWEB Plaza to the access at Hilyard (the whole EWEB property). There is signage posted at both ends of the detours to alert people. They say they expect the path to be open by 4:30 p.m.

It’s too bad better notice wasn’t give about a major path closure. Apparently this was sent to one city staff person on Friday but they were out until today. It doesn’t seem that hard to reach out to the bike community between the GEARs list, the various bike blogs, and BPAC. I doubt they would close a major road down without a bit of advance notice so why a multi-use path that sees hundreds of users a day? Also, on their detour they are directing people to ride the wrong way on the sidewalk from 5th to 6th. Communication between utilities, the city, and the community obviously needs to continue to improve.

EWEBs Suggested Routing for the Closure
EWEBs Suggested Routing for the Closure

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