New Trails in SE Eugene Open

Via Eugene City Council Newsletter this bit of news (emphasis mine):

A series of recent projects, strengthened by community partnerships, have created new trails in southeast Eugene, resulting in improved commuting options and connections between neighborhoods.

The Northwest Youth Corps Outdoor School, supported by members of Friends of Hendricks Park and the Fairmont and Laurel Hill neighborhood associations, and volunteers from Oregon Woods Inc., received a City of Eugene neighborhood matching grant to realign a heavily eroded segment of the Floral Hill Trail in Hendricks Park. The improved trail joins Hendricks Park and the newly constructed .75-mile Ribbon Trail to Floral Hill Drive and creates a pedestrian connection between the Fairmount and Laurel Hill Valley neighborhoods.

In addition, Eugene Water & Electric Board’s (EWEB) need to place a water main line down a narrow City-owned parcel between 30th Avenue and Spring Boulevard resulted in an opportunity to improve a crucial commuter link. The City Parks and Open Space Division partnered with EWEB staff and members of the Disciples of Dirt and the Obsidians to build a trail over the location of the filled-in water main’s trench. EWEB staff built the bulk of the trail as a component of its project. The two volunteer groups worked with City Volunteer-In-Parks staff to build a connecting trail segment near 30th Avenue, while a second grant-funded youth crew worked to build a trail segment down a steep hillside near 29th Avenue. A trail segment connecting the dead ends of Central Boulevard near Laurelwood Golf Course and 29th Avenue completed the connection work.

The new trails allow pedestrian and bicycle access between 29th and 30th avenues and Central Boulevard. Bicycle commuters and pedestrians are able to get off busy 30th Avenue to travel between neighborhoods south of 30th, Lane Community College and other destinations. One regular hiker interviewed recently summed up the experience, “I’m becoming addicted to the trails; it’s so nice to be able to experience a little bit of nature a few minutes from home!”

For more information, please contact Natural Resources Maintenance Specialist Jesse Cary-Hobbs at 541-682-4843.

General Area of Improvements

Have you been on one of these connections yet? What do you think?

Author: Shane Rhodes

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2 thoughts on “New Trails in SE Eugene Open”

  1. The connector trail between Central and 30th is definitely doable on a road bike, one has to be a bit daring when descending though – especially in the mud. That being said, I run a 1×9 (39t x 12-34) on my road bike (albeit with 23cc tires). I use the connector to get to 30th to Frontage? Rd and that little commuter path to go to LCC. Relatively car free.

  2. Herr Baker, that trail was intended to be passable on a road bike. The final trail layout cut out one of the switchbacks, making it steeper than we wanted, but it still works alot better than what was there before.

    These connectors really help connect LCC with downtown and the U of O area. It would be great if there was a bike path that connected Spring Blvd with the old frontage road to LCC. There is plenty of space on the South side of 30th to put a bike path.

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