Films, Movies, and Moving Pictures – and The February InMotion

People e-mail me a lot about upcoming events, so for this post I’m going to pretty much just re-post their e-mails because I have too much homework to do anything more than that.  If you can’t tell by the title of this post, the two events I’m sharing today involve bike related videos.   Of course this post will also include the City of Eugene’s wonderful InMotion newsletter, a great community resource that you can scroll through in embedded form after the jump.

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My first event to share with you today is the subject of the big pictures above.   Here is the press release:

City of Eugene and community partners to host screening of award-winning “DEEP GREEN” documentary by U of O alumnus Matt Briggs on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 6 pm in the Soreng Theater of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts.

This award-winning documentary, which aligns with many of Eugene’s climate and energy goals, has been energizing audiences across the country and in places as far away as Berlin and Indonesia. “Deep Green” makes it easy to get involved by providing essential tips on how every individual can make a difference, while also highlighting examples of innovation from around the globe. Produced and directed by University of Oregon graduate Matt Briggs, “Deep Green” features insights from such leading authorities as Lester Brown, Michael Pollan, Amory Lovins, and Dr. David Suzuki.
The Portland-based filmmaker will be present to both introduce his feature presentation and participate in discussions following the showing. The event will also highlight local opportunities for community action that will reduce our carbon footprint while enriching our lives. The screening has been made possible by the generous support of the City of Eugene Waste Prevention & Green Building Program, Lane Transit District, Mountain Rose Herbs, Robertson-Sherwood Architects, and SOLARC Architecture & Engineering. Additional sponsors include EWEB, Solar Assist, Cascadia Green Building Council (Eugene Branch), and Epark, the City’s Parking Service program.
Admission: $5 suggested donation at the door; no one will be turned away. For more information, please go to here.

There is also a bike video screening happening at the Pizza Research Institute the next day featuring  a documentary of last year’s UO Bike Music Festival and community submitted videos.

I’ll let organizer Terry Holloway explain the project:

[The video I created about Bicycle Powered Music] is hitting the film festival circuit this summer and already entered into 15 fests so far. ALSO, I am doing a few “buzz” screenings to create some buzz around town and possible submission fee funds. First screening coming up is Pizza Research Institute on February 25 for the last Friday Whitaker Artwalk. The screening will be at 9:30 and will be “Pedal-Powered” meaning that the crew is bringing the rig down to power the audio for the screening. The next screening will be in April at NINKASI most likely and will hopefully premiere new gear for this years bike music fest that could power the WHOLE screening, even the projector!

Also I need some short bike videos to open up the screenings and make it an hour long event.

What that last bit means is that Terry is looking for video submissions by you folks to include in the event.  Terry has a Craigslist post up requesting submissions that has his contact information.  I quote:

I am taking submissions for bicycle related short videos. Chosen shorts will be included in a series of “sneak preview” screenings for a new short documentary on bicycle powered music in the NW. The screenings will be at a variety of local shops in Eugene. Video guidelines below:

-Submission deadline – February 18th (first screening is on feb 25th at Pizza Research Institute)
-Submission is FREE!!!
-1-3 min video submitted on mini dv or DVD
-There are no rules… it just has to involve a bike!

Sounds awesome to me!

Last, but never least, the info packed InMotion:

Febuary 2011 InMotion Newsletter

Author: C-Gir