Idaho Stop Making A Comeback?

Another UPDATE:
BikePortland has updated his post on the subject and it appears the BTA has found out that the bills text is just a placeholder that Sen. Burdick plans to swap out for different language. The future bill may have something more to do with intersections that don’t sense bikes and/or fail to turn green when a bicycle is present. We’ll see what actually pans out…

UPDATE: BTA Executive Director Rob Sadowsky has posted the following regarding the bill:
“As you may have heard by now, Sen. Burdick has introduced the Idaho Stop Bill as SB604. Before folks get too excited, we are trying to figure out with our lobbyist if this bill is being introduced as a serious bill or if there are other agendas behind the bill. Typically a bill like this gathers supporters before being introduced if it has an intent to pass. We are kindly asking folks to not take action at this point such as calling legislators until we find out more. We need to do a full reading of bill and analyze it. It has some steep fines in it for example. Our legislative committee will need to address this as well. We’ll do our best to keep all informed along the way. Thanks.”

Yesterday afternoon Eugene’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) received an email from Lee Shoemaker, the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, asking for feedback on a bill he had just received.  SB 604 (posted below) permits a “person operating bicycle to enter intersection with specified traffic control device without stopping, provided that person operating bicycle slows to safe speed and yields right of way to traffic or pedestrians.” We know the bill has come from Senator Burdick but we have more research to do.

The surprise return of the “Idaho Stop Bill” comes on the heels of last years bill that died an ugly death after the City of Eugene originally voiced opposition to it but quickly turned around to a neutral position after a call to action and some great advocacy effort from GEARs.

Stay tuned to WeBikeEugene (and BikePortland) for more information!

Here’s a great video that gives an idea of what “Idaho Stop” means:

Bicycles, Rolling Stops, and the Idaho Stop from Spencer Boomhower on Vimeo.

And here’s the wording of the bill.

SB 604 “Idaho Stop” Bill

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4 thoughts on “Idaho Stop Making A Comeback?”

  1. Just teach your kids and yourself to do a track stand, then be done with it – but I know a lot of cops want to see a rider unclip and place a toe on the road. And 100 watts average pull? Muahhhhaahahaha! Learn to dial that sucker up to 500 watts or get off the road!

    No, good video and idea. I’ll write a nice, happy email in support. I do wonder about the perception among motorists though. I am sure we would hear howls of protest because THEY have to STOP, whereas those cyclists (who don’t pay taxes and therefore have no rights to the road) get special privileges! A good prime-time public information campaign will be needed to educate everyone.

  2. This would be fantastic, if it doesn’t get shredded in re-wording, if the law would actually pass.

    And that video is very well done, Mister Boomhower.

  3. Interesting that Lee chose to ask for feedback this time, unlike 2 years ago when he hijacked the process and unilaterally declared to a committee in salem on city of eugene letterhead that the city of Eugene opposed the bill even though he knew that they had done no such thing. Perhaps he has learned from his past mistakes, although at this point anything with his name on it makes me a bit wary.

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