Transportation Enhancement Projects Need Public Comment

The City of Eugene recently submitted three projects for the federally funded transportation enhancement (TE) program, which has historically funded many off-street path projects in Eugene. In the current round of funding, ODOT is considering two projects in Eugene out of about 85 applications in total. The public comment period for the TE project selection process is now open and will continue through Jan. 28. The TE program is very competitive, so it is important for members of the public to weigh in on these projects if they have any comments.  Read about these two Eugene projects then take the survey to comment on them.

Proposed Eugene projects include:

*       Westmoreland Park path and lighting project. This project through Westmoreland Park will provide an important connection to the Fern Ridge Path for people who live in the neighborhoods around the park. New east-west and north-south paths will be built through Westmoreland Park to reduce out-of-direction travel for pedestrians and bicyclists who must now travel through a congested school parking lot at the Arts and Technology Academy or travel on busy streets such as Chambers and Polk streets. These paths will not only improve the transportation system for people traveling through the area but will also better serve students, staff, and visitors traveling to the Arts and Technology Academy, Family School, Boys and Girls Club, and Kidsports, and the many people who attend the sports activities that take place at the City-owned sports fields in Westmoreland Park. The east-west path will make a new pedestrian and bicycle connection from Fillmore Street to the intersection of Taylor Street/20th Avenue and provide a connection to the 20th Ave. corridor.  The new paths will be about a half mile long with pedestrian-scaled lighting.  The project will also add lighting on the existing path from 18th Avenue to the Boys and Girls Club next to the Arts and Technology School.

Approximate alignment. Click for more detail.

*       Jessen path and lighting, Beltline Highway to Terry Street. This project in the Bethel neighborhood will serve Golden Gardens Park and provide a safe and comfortable alternative to busy streets for the neighborhood along Barger Street. The path would connect with the Randy Pape Beltline off-street path and the bike lanes on Terry Street. The 12-foot- wide concrete path will be approximately a mile long and will include pedestrian-scaled lighting.

Approximate alignment.

The City also originally submitted an application for the “Blair-Van Buren Active Transportation Corridor” but that application lacked some necessary information and will apparently be resubmitted for another round of applications still to be determined.

These projects need your comments and support.  There are 85 applications and showing public support will help.  Take the survey (also accessible via the ODOT Local Government Section web site which also has links to the list of other projects under consideration and copies of the TE applications.

Author: Shane Rhodes

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  1. Don’t forget the Willamalane Park & Recreation Dist.
    Middle Fork Willamette River Path Phase 2 project. While not exactly Eugene, it does provide an important link to Clearwater Park through Dorris Ranch in Springfield.

  2. Looks like this long-needed link will be well appreciated.
    More path links-ups for safer bike riding, especially ‘commuter rides’, ‘errands rides’ ‘shopping rides’, is well worth money spent.

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