LCC Class Corrals Creativity for Downtown Bike Parking

Lane Community College (LCC) instructor Lee Imonen’s “Art 117: Three Dimensional Basic Design” class got real-world design experience this term as they partnered with the City of Eugene to create unique and artistic designs for upcoming downtown bike corrals. A bike corral converts an on-street parking space or other unused curb space for bicycle parking (see BikePortland article for more). Working in teams, students visited the sites where bike corrals are planned, including Morning Glory Café (450 Willamette Street), Cornucopia (207 East 5th Avenue), and the Kiva Grocery Store (125 West 11th Avenue). Research on the history of Eugene also helped inform the eight designs. Display boards and models were created and displayed at a class show on Dec. 9.

The public will have the chance to review and comment on the designs which will be on display in the Atrium Building through the month of January. An opening reception will coincide with January’s First Friday ArtWalk. Further public comment and review will continue during the month of February in the Downtown Library. A selection committee composed of the City’s Public Art Committee, Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and other stakeholders will review public input and determine the winning designs during March, 2011. The corrals will be built during a spring fabrication class at LCC and installed during the spring of 2011.

The project provides a unique opportunity for partnerships with City staff in transportation, parking, and public art as well as LCC students and instructors. It aligns with the City of Eugene’s 2010 Public Art Plan which calls for integrating art into urban design and everyday functional objects, from lighting fixtures to bicycle racks. In addition, it supports Parking Services’ goal to incorporate art into parking and promote alternative transportation options, and it promotes the Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Plan’s goal to increase bike parking downtown.

For more information, contact Laura Hammond at 541-682-6021.

This article was originally published in the December 16, 2010 Eugene City Council Newsletter.

Author: Shane Rhodes

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2 thoughts on “LCC Class Corrals Creativity for Downtown Bike Parking”

  1. I certainly hope they don’t forget the utilitarian use of these corrals when they are prettying them up. Looking at that top picture just makes me think of how many ways I could get stabbed while trying to maneuver my bike or tandem&trailer into being locked up on that. And I would hope that the posts at the end of the second one are narrow enough to get a U-lock around.

  2. Dear Alpha,

    I see your concern about utilitarian uses and safety. The above photos are to demonstrate a concept only. The designs will be further refined after selection. Additionally, these students worked with the Eugene code for bicycle racks while developing their artistic concepts. In the end the racks will function better than many of the racks around town that are not constructed to code. I almost always have a hard time finding good parking for my bike + tag-along + trailer without taking an entire rack. The code is not written for that set up!

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