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Today I have a repost from the GEARs website and the wonderful December InMotion from the City of Eugene.  In related news, gradschool is finally on break, which means I can tackle my huge backlog of stories.  Stay tuned!  December will be a good month for WBE, and will feature more than just reposts.  Also, in case you missed the Twitter post, WBE will be changing servers this December.  I hope the server change will address our slowness issues.

Before I repost the GEARs article about downtown bike parking, here is a quick recap of what has happened so far:  Back in August I raised the issue that free downtown bike parking would lead to the lost of 165 downtown bike parking spots when 255 meter heads were removed (often two meter heads are on one pole.)  I had already raised the issue on the GEARs mailing list back in February after reading this article in Momentum Magazine, but it didn’t garner much attention at the time.  However, after my August post the GEARs advocacy sprang into high-gear and began talking with city officials, like Parking Services Manager Jeff Petry (who happens to also be a bike commuter), about replacing some of the meter heads with “bike hoops.”  We don’t have those yet, but to solve some of the immediate need Petry seems to have thought “outside the box” and attached many of the new “free parking” signs to the old meter posts to preserve some of the bike parking.

Take the jump to read the GEARs article about what is to come, and to read the December InMotion!

From GEARs: Downtown Bike Parking – December 8th, 2010

With the removal of over 200 parking meters downtown GEARs has been working with the City of Eugene to improve the bike parking situation in the downtown area. Richard Hughes and Sue Wolling did a walk about survey of parking issues to determine the bicycle parking needs in the area and have been working with Jeff Petry, the Parking Services Manager.

Eugene's meter rings will look like this, but in black (and less fuzzy)

New bike hoops that arrived last week will be installed on posts that previously held meters. The bike hoops will be installed after the city determines locations for the new hoops. The 2 hour parking signs placed on several old meter poles already serve as a locking location.

The City is also working with the South University Neighborhood on a big project to convert unregulated parking in that neighborhood to 2 hour permit parking. The unregulated parking pockets in the area are hunted for each day by UO visitors, creating more vehicle miles traveled south of 18th and more opportunity for bike/ped – vehicle interactions.  Once that project is complete the Parking Program will start work on the downtown bike hoops as well as on three different bicycle corrals at Morning Glory Cafe (450 Willamette St.), Cornucopia (207 E. Fifth Ave.) and the Kiva grocery store (125 W. 11th Ave.).

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December InMotion

InMotion, one of the best sources for news in Eugene,  is now available directly from the City of Eugene’s website! You can also directly subscribe to InMotion here!

December 2010 InMotion Newsletter

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