Snow Day Open Thread!

It seems that we got quite a bit more snow then our friends up in Portland, which should make for some fun biking today.  Since 4J is closed I don’t have to leave the house until 3pm today, which gives me a chance to share some information with you about the City of Eugene’s policies around snow and ice, and gives you a chance to share with the world what the conditions are like on your commute and to share pictures (we need some for this story).

I can tell you that Fox Hollow is completely iced over, which will make descending it interesting when I leave to go to a meeting this afternoon.  I grew up biking in the snow in Iowa, but I never had to ride down a huge hill.  Also, there are seven turkeys and a squirrel currently eating my front yard – not relevant, but still cool.  What are the conditions like where you are? (Update: A truck sanded and de-iced Fox Hollow around 11am while I was writing this story.  The road is now fine for riding.)

Take the jump to share information, and read about the City of Eugene’ suspended leaf delivery and sanding.

The City of Eugene’s snow/ice website has many resources for folks who want to learn more about Eugene’s response to snow.  I could find no similar website for Springfield.  Here are some excerpts from a bulletin on Eugene’s website: (emphasis mine)

There currently are no emergency ice-snow conditions in the City of Eugene.

However, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are advised to use extreme caution when traveling on icy streets today. Eugene Public Works crews have been sanding priority routes since temperatures dipped below the freezing mark last night, but many streets remain slippery with a forecast that includes the possibility of ongoing freezing weather.

So far, the sanding focus has been on high prioity routes such as Highway 99 and Coburg Road and bridges and overpasses. Today’s goal is to sand all priority 2 routes today and begin work on priority 3 routes in higher elevations.

[…] Leaf pickup services have been suspended for the day with leaf crews reassigned to winter storm duty. In full response mode, Public Works has five plows with sanders, seven sanding trucks, and a truck equipped to apply deicing material.

[…] If you have questions about which streets are emergency routes and subject to an emergency parking ban, view the map on this page, or call 541-682-4800.

Unfortunately, it takes far longer for city crews to remove sand then it takes for them to lay it down, so expect sandy bike lanes and turns for several days (or weeks) after the snow is gone.  City officials credited much of the success of  last year’s leaf program to the lack of winter storms, which cause leaf pickup resources to be diverted to laying down and then cleaning up sand.  If you find an area over the next few days that is dangerous due to lingering sand, please report it.

More information about the cleanup and de-icing can be find on the City’s website, and I’ve embedded the map of priority sanding and plowing routes below.

How was your ride today?  Do you have any special snow/ice tips or tricks? Any good pictures? (This story needs a few)

Eugene Priority Snow Routes

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  1. The recent freezing reminded me of the times I do slip and fall on my bike here in Eugene. Remember the highway sign “Bridges Freeze Before Roads.” This means a bridge is surrounded by cold air and has no warmer ground to insulate it from freezing as fast. Last year I fell from my bike at two locations. The curve just north of the Amazon Park Dog Area where the path crosses over the Amazon and the sharp turn at around 32nd or so where the Amazon path continues down to the Hilyard/Amazon Drive fork at Dari-Mart. Be careful as you don’t think of these spots as bridges but they freeze before the rest of the road as they pass over large culverts.

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