Second Sexual Assault Near The Greenway Bike Bridge in Just Over a Month

The approximate location of the assault (click for Google map)

WBE wrote last month about the October 15th attempted rape of a woman bike rider in Maurie Jacobs Park by the Greenway Bike Bridge on the River Path.  Last weekend on Saturday, November 21st,  another sexual assault occurred in the same area.  While the first assault occurred at 11:44pm, this assault happened much earlier:  just after the sun went down around 6pm.  According to KEZI, 54-year-old Alan Dean Adams groped a woman near the bridge, who was able to call for help despite Adams’ attempts to silence her.  Bystanders came to her aid and later led police to Adams.  It’s not clear from the KEZI article if the woman was on a bike or walking.

Please be careful on the paths after dark.  The WBE article about the previous assault in this area has a list of measures a person can take to protect themselves.  My wife and WBE Copy Editor, Kendra, rides this exact section of the path every night just after dark, and stories like this really worry me.  One suggestion I have for people riding home after dark is to text someone you care about and/or who is at the location you are riding to before you leave.  At least then someone will know relatively quickly if something has happened during your ride.

Take the jump for experts from the KEZI article.

Go to KEZI for the full article and video. Excerpts below (emphasis mine):

By Gia Vang

EUGENE, Ore. —  […]

… like the woman Eugene Police say 54-year-old Allen Dean Adams sexually assaulted near the bridge.

Police say Adams gropped the woman, a little after the sun went down around 6 p.m. Some say the darkness is what adds to the problem.

[…] Police say the woman screamed for help, despite the attacker’s attempts to keep her quiet.  They say her screams were enough to get the attention of bystanders, who came to her rescue and who also led officers to Adams later.

“There is a lot of people between 6:30 and 7:30 so it’s nice to know that people are going to help,” said Eugene resident Annie Morgan.

The incident is forcing those who frequent the area, to think about how to keep themselves from falling victim.

We’ve also kind of been talking about taking a self defense class just because it is dark and we do ride home alone,” Ashley Streig said.


Allen Dean Adams is charged with sex abuse and interfering with police.

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  1. My dark commute heads across to Springfield, and other than the occasional ninja-jogger, I don’t see a lot of people… but I rode over to meet my wife at Valley River on a Friday night a couple of weeks back, and that area really creeped me out.

    What about bike trains to get people through safely? at least during commute hours, it seems like it could be practical.

  2. Is there any personal protection that might work that people would be willing to carry? I’m guessing most people wouldn’t want to carry a gun.

    I’d want something light and easy to get to. Would mace work? Maybe compressed air horn on the bike?

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