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Maintenance Hotlines
For use when debris hinders the bike lane or path (leaves, broken glass, potholes, etc.)

Online Reporting - Eug
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682-4800 - Eugene
726-3761 - Spfld
744-8080 - ODOT
682-6900 - Lane Co.

Eugene Parking Services
For use when a car is parked in the bike lane during business hours.

682-5729 - Eugene

Police Non-Emergency Number
For use if the above numbers don't work.

682-5111 - Eugene
726-3714 - Spfld


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Delta Ponds Bridge Opens Tomorrow

The City of Eugene has announced that the new Delta Ponds Bridge will officially open tomorrow!  After an earlier dedication on September 11th, the city had to close the bridge down so the contractor could finish up the railing and lighting before it was ready to  be really put into use.

There is an impromptu ride planned for tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 16) at 5:30 p.m.  Meet at River Play Park (on the Ruth Bascom path below Skinner Butte) and ride together over to this great new bridge.  It should be getting dark enough by then to enjoy the new “aesthetic lighting” as well as the regular path lighting that was installed.  If you can’t get out there tomorrow, be sure to ride out there and check it out soon, it’s a beautiful and useful addition to Eugene’s great bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

5 comments to Delta Ponds Bridge Opens Tomorrow

  • aarghawk

    And what about those of who HAVE to use a car?????

  • I’m not sure I understand the question… There are two bridges that allow cars over the Delta Highway already. I guess you could use one of those?

  • David Gizara

    The great thing about more people riding bikes is they offset carbon emissions to help balance out the car use of folks who absolutely are physicaly unable to walk or bike more.

  • Mmm, fresh, juicy infrastructure!

  • My family took a walk across the new bridge the other day and were excited to be passed by six bikes and one other walker on the bridge and the connector path to the bridge from the Riverbank path! I am sure some of the traffic was curiosity, but ’twas cool nonetheless!