We’re #3! We’re #3! and November InMotion

Yay!  WeBikeEugene was voted the third best blog in the Eugene Weekly’s 2010 Best Of  Eugene feature!  Coming in first place was Culinaria Eugenius, a cooking blog, and second place was the Weekly’s own multi-authored hodgepodge blog. Here’s what they had to say about us:

We won’t say much about our own blog, though thanks for the votes, but we do like (along with our Eugene Cycles) the smart and useful We Bike Eugene, whose editor, Mike Seager, writes a super biking column in Bang! and always has new info for us.

Thanks everyone who voted for us!  Next year I hope that WBE and EugeneBicyclist.com can sweep the one and two spots!

Ironically, this honor comes in the midst of a gradschool induced WBE slowdown – this one likely to last much longer (years) than the slowdown we experienced last summer.  Of course this slowdown in my ability to post does not reflect a lack of topics needing to be covered, and we are once again extending the invitation for readers to become writers and join the site.  You can submit stories and/or inquire about becoming a one time or regular contributor here.  WBE was always intended to be a community site, and this is your chance to write for the #3 blog in Eugene!

Speaking of content: The City of Eugene’s November InMotion is, as usual, filled with titillating information, including this: (emphasis mine)

Delta Ponds Walking and Biking Bridge Update

Good News!  The contractors are optimistic that they will stay on schedule and have the new bridge open the 3rd week in November. Now that’s something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

I’ve embedded the full November InMotion after the jump.

InMotion 11/10 – City of Eugene

Author: C-Gir